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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Agreed, Nadine solo projects aside rarely has ever attended anything outside of Girls Aloud.
  2. Just been on a girls aloud music video binge and forgot how cheap and tacky a lot of their videos are, in particular I Think Were Alone Now. Was that meant to be a casino? One roulette table and a mini bar, and a magician?

    Also that part in The Show when Nadine spits out that cherry gets me every time.
  3. Why single out Sarah & not Kimberley? I know she is a legend where administration is concerned but Kimberley isn't a song writer either.
  4. I think it seems like Nicola, Kimberly and Cheryl are happy with their careers and are satisfied with their current lives/jobs. No, they do not have the biggest profile (especially Kimberly and Nicola) but it seems like they are okay with that. Whereas Nadine wants to have a bigger profile and be a successful popstar again but doesn't really want to do much effort and fails. Sarah hasn't really found a new passion since the break and doesn't really know where to go careerwise.

    Ofcourse this is all based on interviews, appearances and social media profiles from the girls. So essentially we don't know anything. They all seem happy in their own way, ofcourse they maybe wish(ed) for different careers or more success after the break-up but they are doing just fine. The perception that Kimberly has a boring life, Sarah is a complete mess, or that Nadine is lazy and Nicola moody are just labels made up by little bits and pieces of (one sided) information. In reality, we don't know them. They don't want to or have to work as hard or do the same thing as when they were in Girls Aloud and we should not expect them to do. So let's just wait for TWENTY and hope they are happy.
  5. Kind of similar to what the user below you posted. I think music is truly Sarah’s passion but she hasn’t been able to experience solo success and hasn’t found a medium to maintain her profile. Whereas Kimberley seems like an accidental pop star to me. She’s a bit like Heidi Range. She makes a great girlband member but doesn’t seem to have solo ambition with music. Kim has been able to stay semi relevant without tarnishing her reputation like Sarah.
  6. I'm in the throws of one of my every now and again binges of live performances, which usually starts with the Ten tour and I've only just noticed how gorgeous they managed to sing the third chorus of WLH, you can really hear all of the harmonies so well!

  7. I got it hand it to Kimberley though. Whilst she's not doing much now and seems happy being a mother and married now which we all knew was her long term plan she far exceeded my expectations. In the early years of the hiatus and during the reunion and afterwards she did a hell of a lot, I won't list it all because I assume we all know but she was the biggest surprise for me, I expected her pretty much to do nothing afterwards but she tried her hand at pretty much everything! I like that she didn't delude herself thinking she could have been a really cool pop star afterwards and she was realistic and instead went for the musicals album that could have done well post-Strictly.

    I mean if we're talking honestly here Centre Stage, Insatiable and Cinderella's Eyes (selling 20k-40k) and performed pretty much level chart-wise although I'm sure the latter won in terms of critical acclaim. Whilst Sarah just left it far too long that Threads didn't even chart it has become obvious that bar Cheryl the thirst for solo Aloud is just not there apart from fans and well us really...
  8. I think the fact it was a dreadful song played a huge factor in it not succeeding too.
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  9. Rehearing Go To Work again today, it really is the ultimate gem. I can see why they signed her now. That song could have been huge everywhere. What a bop. This is the ultimate pick me up record. Whenever I feel abit sluggish and down, one play of that and I'm ready...
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  10. Enough.
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  11. Shade
  12. Go To Work is a masterpiece and by far one of the best songs of 2017. Its just AMAZING.
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  13. You talk like you're not listening to it every day, but its all you ever talk about. Please stop pretending.
  14. Dietcokeaddict stan something other than flop British acts challenge
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  15. Happy that they're reuniting. Hoping for another Call The Shots!
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Wait.. are they? Where's that from?
  17. The story is from The Sun so get your pinches of salt out. Something about Cheryl being back in touch with Sarah. The band are planning a tour… in 2022. I don't think it will make the main news like the ABBA comeback.
  18. I mean, it'd be nice of they made up with the idea of touring on good terms in 3/4 years.

    I assume this news has killed Dietcokeaddict. ... RIP
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  19. I don't know why we continuously take what Dan Wootton says with a pinch of salt though. Isn't it rare that he ever gets any of these music exclusives wrong?
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