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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. If you watch Sarah throughout this performance it looks like she forgot to learn the dance routine.
  2. Such a classy performance. But wasn't this the one where Simon said after that only 2 of them had good voices? LOL
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  3. Sarah never really got any of the choreography down particularly Call The shots she’s notoriously bad in all the original performances of it.

    Edit) maybe not bad.. Shaky
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that. I do the ad-libs and everything. Not just on the songs mentioned, but any of their songs!
    I'm full on performance everytime!
  5. I’ve just had Can’t Speak French blasting it’s so sultry and yet fun.

    Love the intro alone
  6. Easily one of the most overlooked singles. The instrumental is so incredible and that chorus punches.

    Sexy! No No No..., Call The Shots and Can't Speak French is a flawless run of singles.
  7. Thus confirming (again, but hey we love to discuss the almighty GA at length over and over) that Tangled Up was indeed there most stellar campaign and project overall

    Followed by their Imperial phase (OOC)
  8. I still wish the single version of can't speak french's instrumental leaked, it had more oomph to it than the synthier album cut
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  9. Should have been enhanced with Girl Overboard!
  10. Sexy! No No No.. - Call The Shots - Can't Speak French - Girl Overboard would be literally the best singles run ever.
  11. He might have been joking?
    Rather crucially, after this performance only Louis and Sharon gave GA a standing ovation.
    Year after, she's now a judge. Bam. Standing ovation by all four judges.
    I love showbiz, people are SO fake.
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  12. ...and then Close To Love as the fifth single which is #1 for 7 weeks.
  13. I always imagine the Close To Love video to be an extremely camp affair and possibly even a carbon copy of the Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush .. more so the ending with disco dancing as oppose to the Nicole in a steam room section
  14. I imagined it taking place on a train, full of business commuters. Girls Aloud would be the train staff and basically transform their car into a disco dance club.
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  15. Close to Love had some fantastic choreography too!
  16. Living in Canada, I wasn't really aware of Girls Aloud in 2007 but why was there only three singles from Tangled Up? I'm sure this has been addressed a number of times here but I am curious why an album where every single could literally have been a single only had three. Whenever Girl Overboard or Close to Love play on my iPod I have to remind myself they were not singles.
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  17. I think it was the same with Change from the Sugababes... 2007/2008 was the turning point in physical singles versus downloads and even the physical formats that were utilized for both campaigns were not as... diverse as they'd been in the past.
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  18. Can't Speak French peaked at 9. I think instead of risking to break their consecutive top ten singles while also spending money to promote the 4th single, they probably just decided to focus on the next album.
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  19. Plus I think they got into that cycle of recording an album > single > promoting album > single > break > single > tour > summer tour and recording. To add another single to the mix was probably just too much work, especially as already mentioned they would need to seriously promote to protect that streak. The formula worked and possibly allowed them to keep going as long as they did without burning out.

    Also - Cheryl's marriage breakdown and her pending X Factor commitments most likely had a part to play.
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  20. Girl Overboard being pushed aside for Can't Speak French will always be a mystery to me.
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