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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Money is very divisive. I love that they all seem to play different characters throughout the song and the Cheryl/Nadine duels throughout are amazing.
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  2. Am I right in thinking im probably the only one who likes the radio edit of Untouchable?
  3. Yes.
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  4. They could have released it after I Think We're Alone Now if Walk This Way didn't happen.
  5. The song sounds like a noisy mess to me.. and felt regressive after a song like Something Kinda Ooh. Money packs a punch but for all the wrong reasons
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  6. TMI


    I love it.
  7. I always remember buying Top of the Pops magazine with an interview from the time between Long Hot Summer and Biology being released and the interview saying that their next single was called Wicked Game. So when it came to Biology coming out and the lyrics being 'without the Wicked Games' I instantly thought that they had simply just changed the name of the song!

    I imagine the What A Feeling would sound similar to the version they sang on the Chemistry tour?
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Did Revolution In The Head sample this? (or the other way around?)
  9. Thay was released in 2004 so, yeah, ...A lot Of out of control was samples and rehashed work.
  10. It's not BAD, in fact I love how predominant the bassline is in the chorus sections, the robotic vocoding on the vocals is what makes it sloppy and corny as well as some of the structure changes that I disagreed with.

    Also, I really love the way that shorter edit that came with the singles box set ends.
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  11. Interesting find! I’ve not heard that before.

    It seemed to me that with Out Of Control it felt like Xenomania’s focus was split too thin.
    I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that at the time they’d been working with PSB, Alesha Dixon, The Saturdays, Alex Gardener, Mini Via etc and where as in previous years they’d done a lot of prep for GA albums they’d probably not done as much for OOC.
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  12. Yeah, they were really busy around then. Lots of great stuff, but Girls Aloud suffered.
  13. I don’t hate it. I quite like it. But the album version is better.
  14. I never understood why Can't Speak French was a fan favourite.
    It's my least favourite song of Tangled Up (together with Black Jacks).
  15. Blackjacks isn’t the best il admit, I always felt like it was originally from the Chemostry era and they possibly beefed it up a bit.

    Control Of The Knife however sounds fantastic in this current heatwave!
  16. The Chemistry demo is almost identical to the Tangled Up album version apart from the arrangement.
  17. Oh wait so it actually was from the Chemistry era?
  18. Wait... there are Chemistry demos out there?!

    Also (unpopular opinion?) Black Jacks is my favorite non-single on Tangled Up.
  19. Yes. The Chemistry demo didn’t progress to making the album. The structure was Chorus, Second Verse, Chorus, First Verse, Chorus end (ish.... I think from memory). It was done in the first round of demos for the album with Biology, Whole Lotta Histry, Watch Me Go, Wild Horses and Singapore (Dark Streets).
  20. the chemistry demos are great for what it's worth, i treasure those alternate mixes of Singapore and the early version of Whole Lotta Hist'ry with the extended outro. Really wish that version of the arrangement made it to the album.
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