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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Nicola does the very last one, but Nadine does an epic one before her.
  2. Its a shame they cut the full intro off the tour DVD. It was amazing.

    Yeah, Karen Pool is all over On A Round. There was a clip on a publishing site with her singing lead and you can hear the same lead on the Girls Aloud track just lower behind Cheryls? vocal

  3. Agreed! One of the best moments experienced live! Also same to the full Untouchable intro. Are there any youtube videos of the full intros? I feel like phone video quality was still rather poor at that time.
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  4. Does anyone have a list of bsides, unreleased or even demos? I'm rediscovering Memory Of You and Crazy Fool, and feel like I have missed a lot of their most unknown songs.
  5. On A Round is terrible.
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  6. Reported.
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  7. Nope. They're filtered in there somewhere, but it's processed to the heavens and back, so...

    You shut your filthy pie-hole!
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  8. They’re almost identical vocals across the whole song when you compare the demo to the final track. You can tell the difference more on the verses but the chorus is the same.
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  9. Stay Another Day (Sound of the Underground)
    On A ROund (No Good Advice)
    Lights, Music, Camera, Action (Life Got Cold)
    Grease (Jump)
    Androgynous Girls (Love Machine)
    History (Wake Me Up)
    Loving Is Easy (Wake Me Up)
    Nobody But You (Biology)
    I Don't Really Hate You (See The Day)
    Crazy Fool (Whole Lotta History)
    The Crazy Life (Something Kinda Ooooh)
    Why Do It? (I Think We're Alone Now)
    Dog WIthout A Bone (Sexy! No No No...)
    Blow Your Cover (Call the Shots)
    Hoxton Heroes (Can't Speak French)
    Je Ne Parle Pas Francais (Can't Speak French)
    She (The Promise)
    Memory of You (The Loving Kind)
    It's Your Dynamite (Untouchable)
  10. In addition to the list above, there's also Theme to St Trinian's and On My Way to Satisfaction from the St Trinian's soundtrack. There are covers of Hopelessly Devoted to You, I'm Every Woman and Teenage Dirtbag somewhere out there from compilations. And if you're not familiar with CD2 of The Sound of Girls Aloud, there's Hanging on the Telephone, Singapore and Sacred Trust.
  11. Thanks so much! I have some catching up to do.
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  12. Sarah sings on St Trinian right? I never put the two together until I went back to it and recognized her voice from Girls Aloud dddd.
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  13. Dd yeah she was in St Trinian's 2 and had a few solo tracks on that soundtrack, but the whole group played the school band in the first film (basically just appearing to sing the theme tune)

  14. That Girls Aloud 15 EP which came out last year, was it "official"? Like, was it remixed by Xeomania? Or was it just a fan made thing?
  15. It was a fan leak. I think they've posted on this page.
  16. Thanks. The Something New remix being labelled "The Xenomania Mix" made me question it.
  17. It is a genuine unreleased Xenomania mix. They're what they say they are but it wasn't an official release.
  18. Oh, I want a new Girls Aloud album again now...
  19. It's a shame that the 2012 return only gave us 4 new songs. A 10 track album would have been lovely. I imagine they have loads of stuff in the vaults.
  20. Can only imagine what a full length album would of been like around the time of 2012..

    Any album that would of featured
    On The Metro
    Every Now and Then
    Something New
    Could only have been one of their best if the rest of material would of been up to that standard! Missed opportunity!
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