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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. This should be a hate crime.
    It’s one of my favourites.
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  2. The Promise is far from my favourite, but in a world where See The Day, The Loving Kind & Can’t Speak French exist? Really?
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  3. The Promise is my favorite song of them
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  4. The Promise is cool, not my favourite but I'm glad it was a one-off sound-wise.
  5. I never liked 'The Promise' in fact I was worried that the album was going down that route sound wise, safe to say I was relieved it didn't. My favourite album they ever did.
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  6. I agree that a whole The promise-esque full album would had been a bit too much but I have such a strong memory of that period of time when it came out that I actually had chosen that song as the song that represent my 8 years in London the most.
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  7. You listed two of their best, why?

    'The Promise' is great in that it helped them breakthrough as a respected girl group, but it definitely was a trend chaser with Duffy being popular back then and all.
  8. The Promise is elevated to all sorts of levels of glorious when performed live - something we don't get to say often about the girls.
  9. All 10s against a -1.
  10. That's it though.
    It's so far removed that I don’t think it should have been made at all by them.
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  11. Spice Girls
    All Saints

    Now all we need is Girls Aloud and Sugababes back (keeps dreaming).
  12. Wasn't the initial plan for 'Rolling Back the Rivers' to be the third single, but they changed it and went 'Untouchable' following feedback?
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  13. "The Loving Kind" needed more Nadine. The live performances were some of their worst. The whole final 2 eras reaked of the girls having to prove Nadine was not the reason for their success, and Nadine just coyly grinned and happily stepped into the back seat. Her "My Babies" still shit all over all the other girls vocally.
  14. I would’ve preferred Rolling as the third single. The whole Out Of Control album came out during a really good summer here, and thought it was the perfect sound track to driving round the country.
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  15. Nope, as far as I am aware Untouchable was always the third. Brian Higgins mentioned in an interview how he knew that Untouchable was too long to work as a single but he had time to work on an edit as it was going to be the third single behind the other two.
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  16. There was clearly a meeting between Brian and the label regarding Out Of Control in terms of Nadine not being vocally at the forefront.

    Tangled Up is so perfect. Nadine still has the majority but everyone gets a say.
  17. How anyone can bash The Promise when it gave the girls a genuine number 1 record 7(?)years into their career, not to mention it didn’t have the backing of say Comic Relief like ISBY you. It did them a huge favour in terms of the General public, is insanely catchy and gave us the Brits performance (and award!)
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  18. Well, based on the audio comenntary, it seems the girls really loved Rolling... so perhaps they were championing it as a lead single at one point?
  19. All of that has nothing to do with someone's opinion on the quality of the song.
    I just wish all of that happened with a different single. Something more representative of their sound.

    The girls mostly actually did push for Rolling... to be the 3rd single which does speak to their questionable taste.
    It was delusional to think that was single material.
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  20. I think the right songs were picked. If they'd opted for a 4th though I would have gone with Love Is the Key.
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