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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Revolution in the Head remains one of my favourite on the album and a highlight on the tour. The visuals for the video that I have in my head should it have been a single are amazing.
  2. Single 4 could have easily been between Revolution In The Head, Love Is Pain And Love Is The Key.
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  3. Tangled Up should of had about 6 singles it was that good.
  4. How can anyone drink and drive in this day and age?
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  5. Easily missing the Top 20.
  6. It's hard to believe it's ten years since their original tenure ended.

    They were on such a high at this time ten years ago such a shame they (Cheryl) decided to go on that break they never recovered from.

    A sixth studio album in 09 and a second greatest hits for their second era of singles only in 2010/11 would've been such a great way to end their original run.
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  7. Original! Bore off troll
  8. Love Is The Key, Untouchable and She are my trinity from that era, but there are no songs I actively hate.
  9. I always thought 'Rolling Back The Rivers In Time' would've been a good single, with a video being a continuation of 'The Promise', with the girls going on dates with the blokes from the drive-in.
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  10. Just taking this opportunity to say that this is genuinely one of the greatest opening of any tour, from any artist. I remember being sat in the audience and being covered in goosebumps seeing a hanging Nicola looking out to the audience like Jesus Christ himself. Iconic.

    I'd honestly sell a kidney to see the girls perform live again together.
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  11. It truly is one of the best pop openings ever!
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  12. I still wish a HQ video of Cheryl's intro from the screens leaked. She looked so good.
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  13. I agree with this. Out Of Control i think was fine with three..the others i'm not sure how could have worked as singles. Tangled Up should have also had releases with 'Fling' and 'Girl Overboard'.
  14. You mean 'Control of the Knife' and 'Girl Overboard'?
  15. This really is amazing
  16. Control of the Knife is a great album track but a single, it is not.
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  17. Speaking of 'Sexy!', this is quite decent -

  18. The Flip & Fill Remix is so fucking good.
  19. When do you know that you are a little too obsessed with Girls Aloud?

    When you see everyone writing SOTU and your first thought is 'What else could this possibly mean other that Sound Of The Underground.

    It took a while to click.
  20. Tangled Up really was THE album.

    Listening for the first time in a little while and Close To Love, Fling, Girl Overboard and Control Of The Knife just still give me that same rush they did a decade ago.

    Out Of Control just didn’t cut it in the same way for me. It felt like it was the first time they were going over old sounds.
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