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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Tangled Up really was THE album.

    Listening for the first time in a little while and Close To Love, Fling, Girl Overboard and Control Of The Knife just still give me that same rush they did a decade ago.

    Out Of Control just didn’t cut it in the same way for me. It felt like it was the first time they were going over old sounds.
  2. I thought the same thing.
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  3. Girl Overboard, Fling and Close To Love!
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  4. Tangled Up deserved a couple more singles. I think they'd got well into that 3 singles, album tour routine by then and weren't interested in giving up their summers to sell a few more albums.
  5. Tangled Up
    What Will The Neighbours Say?
    Out of Control
    Sound of the Underground
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  6. Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder why the chorus vocals on the Single and Album versions of ‘Sexy’ are different.

    Specifically the “were you dancing?” line.
  7. I had subconsciously noticed that but never really thought about it.

    Perhaps Brian was subtly slipping in Nadine solos behind the rest of the girls backs after Cheryl and co demanded more lines, if we were to believe the fan-fiction in this thread from a few weeks back...

    I'm now listening to the remixes. They are both different too... @Tony Lamezma's is the Nadine solo, and Xenomania is the Cheryl/Nadine version.
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  8. The "c"s in "dancing" didn't quite line up -- I figured that was the reason for the switch.
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  9. Oh my god. I have to find these now.

    And SOTU brought me back to all the days of GA when people would freak out on Twitter about SOTU trending and my American self had to say, sorry, it's not the SOTU that we all want. This year, our SOTU was crappier than ever. BUT, part of me wants to believe Nancy Pelosi could be a closeted GA fan who listens to songs like Close To Love while strutting around in her burnt Trump orange coat.
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  10. As a fellow American, I share your pain. Only SOTU I care about is the GA one.
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  11. In terms of my preferred listening it would be similar except I'd swap Out of Control and Sound of the Underground.
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  12. TMI


    I do remember something was cut right before Whole Lotta History on the Tangled Up Tour DVD, what was it ?
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  13. What else does it mean?
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  14. LOL

    I feel like my mind is blown, I had no idea the CD and single versions of Sexy! were totally different. I have to listen to both of these again.
  15. I really miss them. And I really wish the general public remembered that they loved them for a little while. And I wish they remembered that their music was state of the art pop.
  16. State of the Union.

    I did the exact same thing on Twitter the other day.
  17. It was some really shitty video interlude made in Windows Movie Maker.
  18. Really? Are they?
  19. There’s one version with Cheryl and Nadine and one with just Nadine, I think? But that’s the only difference in the whole entire song.
  20. Well, that is a huge difference, if you ask me...
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