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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. My box set is in a cupboard and I’m one of the lucky bastards that got it for ‘free’ due to that glitch on the website, think I paid £1.99 for a copy of Chemistry and got the box set free. Absolute bargain!
  2. My box set is still proudly displayed. I even break out my Dell Latitude laptop from 2004 sometimes to bask in the low res videos
  3. Karaoke disc? Was it the official instrumentals?
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  4. What does that even mean?! Do you fuck your Grindr hook up's in the front garden?
  5. I did that and sold it for £50 on ebay.
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  6. They're in my bedroom then out the door mostly!

  7. Electric Chair

    This is misleading though, their record is for consecutive top 10s, which they still hold. Neither act has anywhere near as many top 10s as Madonna, Elvis, etc.
  8. LOL don't they have to go through the living room to get there though? :p
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  9. Ha my flat is an unusual layout so the bedroom is before the living room so they never step foot in there!
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  10. upu


    it's time to re-release Untouchable again.
  11. I still have my boxset on display in my music room along with a few others. In terms of rarities I snagged a copy of the 2 Disc Sound of Girls Aloud for like $4 a few months ago so the only item I'm still after is the Fan Edition of Tangled Up.
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  12. Which I got for $10


    or close, it was cheap as fuck on Amazon UK marketplace dd
  13. I think I paid a bit more for my fan edition because the person selling it on eBay included the mixed up album.

    I did cave a couple years ago and bought the box set with all their albums for like $30 on amazon.
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  14. I loved when they performed part of "Fame" on tour. I wish that were the single instead of "I Think We're Alone Now". "What a Feeling" would have been great too, like was once in the running.
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  15. What A Feeling was actually supposed to be on the Greatest Hits until it was changed to I Think We’re Alone Now at last minute.
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  16. Mixed Up being the only place to officially get the uncensored version of the Dreadzone Vocal Mix of “No Good Advice” still upsets me.
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  17. She's coming for you, Kimberley... she's coming.
  18. Cheryl was not good at all during the Promise on X Factor, shouting to try and make her self seem more vocally powerful really wasn’t a good move.

    Gives me shivers every time they go up that final semi tone! Sarah really shines on The Promise
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  19. Can she really review pre recorded choruses ?

    The solo lines are a completely different volume, and the chorus is near perfect.
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