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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Beyoncé and Kelly. (And Michelle every other Friday.)

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  2. Whatever happened to Sarah Harding? Last I heard of autobiography, then nothing!?
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  3. 15 years wow

    Such a jam I remember being obsessed with Love Machine and then Geri's Ride It at that time. My pop fix.
  4. Get a hobby, you think about this far too much.
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  5. It's s shame they don't get on anymore. But that doesn't stop Biology, Call the shots, Something kinda ooooh etc being bops of the absolutely fucking toppermost in any way.
  6. Love Machine should have been number 1, if only for how much of a staple hit it is for the band! You would think it was number 1.
  7. Yeah, what I always admired about them through that initial 2002-2009 phase was how they appeared to get on and didn’t have any line-up changes unlike pretty much all other big UK girl groups (Bananarama, Eternal, Spice Girls, All Saints, Atomic Kitten, Sugababes ... - I’m aware boy bands and male fronted rock groups fall out and have line-up changes too, and it’s not just limited to girl groups). It was disappointing to find out in the end that they were really a split camp of 3 and 2 (or more like 3, 1 and 1).
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  8. Kim, that hair......
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  9. Isn't that for BIG The Musical though? The first significant thing she's done in years?
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  10. That's Kimberley's hair. She wears a wig for the musical.
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  11. Hideous isn't it? It's like a photo of a proud, middle-aged mum out with her teenage daughters.
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  12. I wouldn't really say it's hideous? Kimberly has always been mumsy.
  13. I honestly think I would prefer a moderately successful Nadine solo career to a Girls Aloud reunion.
  14. I will only accept a reunion if it is done in the same vein as Steps/All Saints - a real understanding of what made them great the first time around, amazing new music, and a definite respect for each other.
  15. hopefully chimola learn from "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" and understand that no one is here for that
  16. Yawn.
  17. Well, someone is here for it
  18. [​IMG]
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