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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I wish we had got one more studio album out of them after Out Of Control maybe just after the Brits! I like to think it would of been absolutely huge as someone mentioned they were turning everything to gold
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    Hopefully they'll put some effort into their inevitable reunion and not just do a greatest hits.
  3. I think they’ll reunite to celebrate 20 years but I don’t see it being in the form of new music.
    I’d be happy with a ‘Further Listening’ style release from each era with lots of bonus content, demos and unreleased tracks.
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  5. That would be nice but I feel that (Wicked Game aside) we’ve kind of had everything now with the singles box set and the album set with bonus discs. Do we think there’s much more tucked away for us?
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  6. I literally just want another tour.

    The charts today are a shambles. I don’t want their legacy tarnished.
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  7. Who cares about the charts as they are not a true reflection of talent / good music / and public accuracy . Come back , make music , and tour.
  8. it hasn't tarnished the reputation of steps and all saints though, I think it's a real shame you wouldn't want them to release music just because it wouldn't set the charts alight - have you listened to the charts recently it's mostly garbage
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  9. If anything would prevent me wanting more Girls Aloud music, it’s the fact that Xenomania’s output isn’t the best anymore. Who cares about charts and numbers? They’ll always have that run of top 10 singles, no ones taking that away from them.
  10. I don’t foresee them doing new music or even touring anytime soon, but I would rather them work with, like... Years & Years (Up in Flames sounds like a Tangled Up track) or MNEK than record lukewarm Brian Higgins leftovers. He doesn’t have it anymore.
  11. Bored Stupid is an unreleased track from the Tangled Up era besides that though the only other unreleased tracks would be songs they originally recorded that Xenomania gave to other artists such as The Boy Does Nothing and All I Ever Do.
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  12. There’s 6 that were cut from the Sound Of The Underground including Shame and Sorry.
    Where Did The Love Go is another Xeno song that was cut. Wicked Game, What A Feeling. A couple of extended edits and demos then there’s enough for a bonus disk.
    I’d be happy with the list below.

    The Show (Demo)
    Biology (Demo)
    Call The Shots (Demo)
    The Promise (Demo)
    The Loving Kind Vs Pet Shop Boys
    Something Kinda Ooooh (Extended Tour Edit)
    Womeniser (Tour Studio Version)
    Life Got Cold (GH Tour Reggae Studio Version)
    Wicked Game
    What A Feeling
    Where Did The Love Go
    Boy Does Plenty
    Turn To Stone (Demo)
    2 unreleased songs from TEN era
  13. I feel these girls will eventually work out everything, and come back as a stronger group.
  14. The Steps reunion gives me hope. Tears on the Dancefloor was great by any measure. It was nostalgic without trying to keep up with new trends, but the songs where quality, timeless dance-euro-pop. I think Girls Aloud still need a few more years to mature to work out their issues. Cheryl on Drag Race and the podcast gave me the impression that she regrets things that happened and would have done things differently, but it also didn't sound like she has any desire to get back together.
  15. Girl Overboard. Such a life giving bop.

    Girls Alouds Never Give Up on the Good Times.
  16. At this point I just want “Long Hot Summer” (Cold Ending Edit) to be released.
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  17. Do we really want to hear their version of Womanizer again? I blocked that out.
  18. Cut to Nadine calling all the other girls cunts in the jungle.
  19. What's the name of this remix of No Good Advice that they used on Girls Aloud: Home Truths opening credits? (0:40-0:55)

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  20. SBK


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