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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

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  2. Kimberley was an essential member of Girls Aloud as “the other one.”
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  3. That interview where Nadine was asked what the other girls was up to and completely forgot about Kimberley ha.
  4. She’s done well to remain in the spotlight considering how far back from the spotlight she was in the GA hey day. She may be the least exciting but she’s probably the nicest so still gets regular work.
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  5. Saying her answer is beige is a bit harsh. What did we expect? For her to say ‘yeh we literally all detest each other and I can’t wait to see her shoving cockroaches down her throat?’

    She gave a perfectly acceptable, civil, media-trained answer. I expected nothing different. Fairplay to her for not given the media anything too dramatic to latch on to.
  6. Tomorrow we will have three weeks (hopefully) of new Nadine memes, gifs and endless quotes.

    AND I LOVE IT (Gemma Collins twirl)
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  7. Wasn’t she legit the essential member who “managed” the group for a bit after Louie pissed off? Y’all are ungrateful.
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  8. I love Kimberley, her:

    “I can’t talk I’ve got the wrong away” is basic Girls Aloud.

    Queen of Whisperfalsetto
  9. I love Kimberley too but there was nothing exciting or distinctive about her. She was always the nice girl with no parts or very little ones in most songs.
    Cheryl had fire in her eyes, Nadine was so talented and had that divaness that made her stand out, Nicola was the underdog and always seemed like an artistic and creative woman, and Sarah was a rock chick and a bit of a hot mess, Kimba was always just nice and polite, in a way she was the prototype for the saturdays personalities, they were five nice harmless girls with no edge at all.
    Still Memory of you rocks and deserved a place in Out of Control, Kimba was robbed.
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  10. Memory of You and her repeat of the chorus in Call The Shots are her defining moments for me. I love how on the latter her voice softens the tone a little after Nadine (and Cheryl?) have sung the first part. Her voice complemented theirs well.
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  11. And she OWNED the talkie bit in 'Something kinda oooh'.
    And the Barry White-esque middle 8 in 'The promise'
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  12. I would also like to hear Red Raw done with Xenomania.
  13. She sounds great in the recorded version. How she managed to fuck up talking at the live shows I'll never know.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Talk about Kimberley and her best bits and no mention of Graffiti My Soul I could not believe it.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Spending my evening looking through some of my Girls Aloud collection. Gosh, they were so special. Sitting here in 2019, it’s difficult to explain exactly what it was that made them so great but those of us that were there with them at the time can understand the magic that they had. When the Ten Tour book professed, so confidentially, that they were the greatest group in the world - you just knew exactly what they meant.
  17. They were shockingly brilliant.
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  18. Biology what a tune.

    Nadines vocals literally take it into the outer limits of the pop stratosphere and back again.
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  19. Theres nothing like it! I said it once and I will say it again. It couldve been released in 1969 and it could be released tomorrow and it will still sound current and relevant.

    A real masterpiece!!
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  20. The whole song (but mainly the first 1:13 min for me) is a peak of humanity.

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