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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Off the Record is one of the most entertaining and candid popstar BTS docs of all time. Still can't believe I was a few doors down from them when they stayed in Athens.
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  2. God yes, definitely the most entertaining series. Loved how each of the girls had their own little iconic moments. Sarah crashing that Ferrari, Cheryl complaining about everything, Cheryl being sick, Nicola being drunk and singing cheeky girls, and Nadine starting her relationship with the hot Gardner from Desperate Housewives.
    We deserved a season 2.
  3. There was an interview with Betty Boo where she talked about how she and the Beatmasters got involved in Girls Aloud's debut album. Does anyone know where I can find it?

    @Kirkland ?
  4. Can you remember when the newspapers reported the girls had recorded the wrong cover of Jump, claiming it was the Van Haley song.
    Also, can you remember when they reported that they’d recorded a cover of The Power Of Love. I wonder where that came from and if they did cover The Power Of Love but didn’t use/release it. Was that at the same time as Jump or I’ll Stand By You?
  5. I hope it was the Huey Lewis Power of love and not Frankie or Jennifer Rush!
  6. I would love to hear Nicola's intense vibrato and Nadine's interesting vowel choices on Frankie's! "The power of luuuh-waaaav, a force from ubuuuh-waaaav"
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  7. I vaguely remember Power Of Love being the incorrect rumour/report and it that turned out to be them covering Wicked Game instead.
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  8. Oh My God, this is amazing!!!
  9. oh amazing, it goes slightly David Attenborough in places.
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  10. I've discovered the Leaders of the Pack podcast and I am loving it. Its so disorganized much like the Girls' own career but it somehow works.
  11. In Kimberley’s IG story yesterday you could see some of her platinum discs displayed on the wall.

    I hope one of them gets bored soon and let’s us see them all.
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  12. More Nicola on lead for the next album. If there is one.
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  13. A lot more Nadine
    A bit more Nicola
    A little of Sarah
    And plenty of auto tune for the other two
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  14. All to the tune of 'Mambo number 5'
  15. Am I the only one who didn't know the existence of this?

    Singapore it's one of my favorite GA tracks and Nadine is my favorite member. I'm in heaven now!
  16. I think you may be the only one yes, haha. Have you heard both demos?
  17. It's funny, you can really hear Nadine's accent on that demo. As she was kind of just doing a basic vocal the Derry accent comes out strongly!
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  19. But they’re great?!
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