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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Probably my worst three of the first album
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  2. Boogie Down Love is my pick from the album nn

    Love Bomb remains a crime though.
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  3. I think as far as Girl Band albums in 2003 go, ‘Sound Of The Underground’ was a good first album!

    It doesn’t hold up very well in comparison to the later albums. People are quick to write it off these days but I really do still enjoy it for what it is when it’s on. It’s a shame it was obviously quite rushed in terms of production and fine tuning.

    The holy trinity of its Album tracks for me are;
    1. Girls Allowed
    (Would of made a Killer 2nd single over No Good Advice)
    2. Stop (Quite a good indication of where the sound was heading for album 2)
    3. White Lies (Just love it! I love a mid tempo)
  4. I was going to like your post as I love the original debut album but this is just incredibly wrong on all levels.
  5. I much prefer Sound Of The Underground to What Will The Neighbours Say and Out Of Control. And that’s ‘because’ of the Betty Boo songs, not ‘in spite’ of them.
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  6. I know it seems a Bonkers thought because No Good Advice is good! But I just rarely ever return back to it! Nadine on the verses is probably the highlight
  7. When you ask yourself why Girls Aloud were so amazing:
  8. Good? No Good Advice is GREAT and was laying down the foundations of a strong girl group. Any other choice of single and I guarantee they would not have lasted half the time they did.
  9. I like Mars Attack and Boogie Down Love. I literally couldn't even tell you how Love Bomb goes, I haven't listened to it since 2003.
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  10. I a mambo, chico
    Let's cha cha cha

    I like Mars Attack and Boogie Down Love. For me they feel very stuck in that era through.
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  11. doesn't it go "let's play a mambo chico" ?
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  12. Probably, I googled the lyrics.
    It’s hard to believe that Love Bomb is from the same band.
    I noticed that the producers of the Betty Boo tracks really pushed Cheryl to the front. I wonder if that was their choice if that was in the brief from the record company?
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  13. I secretly love "Love Bomb" is one of my guilty pleasure
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  14. No Good Advice is all kinds of amazing. To not have released it would literally have been criminal!
  15. This is so true. No Good Advice has attitude. I still remember the first time I heard it. I watched POPSTARS The Rivals and liked Sound Of The Underground but No Good Advice was the start of me getting hooked. That’s when I discovered forums and remember hearing the clips from the debut album. That was the start of my love for Girls Aloud.
    Those. Were. The. Days.....

    I’ve got so many great memories and remember hearing so many tracks for the first time.
  16. I remember I used to be obsessed with the last half minute of No Good Advice and would relisten to it over and over haha.

    I don't need no good advice
    No well intentioned sacrifice
    I don't need no Sunday trips
    No chocolate box or speed for kicks
    Hell I don't need no beauty sleep
    No need to count those dirty sheep
    And I don't need no bedtime prayer
    Cos frankly I don't even care
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  17. A. Reminder.

  18. I hope when the inevitable reunion comes, we get all their past videos upgraded to 4K on YouTube like the Spice Girls did.

    Some of their videos are uploaded in a shocking quality... Even an upscaled HD would be a massive improvement.
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  19. I don’t think 4K would be as kind to their videos though.
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  20. Unfortunately I imagine a large amount of Girls Aloud’s videography would’ve been shot and mastered on tape instead of film, giving little to no benefits to “upgrading” to HD or 4K over their original releases. Maybe progressive instead of interlaced, so smoother panning might be a possibility.

    It’s sad that videos filmed decades ago like Last Christmas can be essentially almost effortlessly transferred to 4K due to being shot with film cameras like most movies of the time while videos less than 20 years old can barely be improved at all.
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