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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Isn't Bored Stupid just Hoxton Heroes?
    They changed a few of the lyrics for the release because it was too controversial or something.
  2. Other released studio versions of covers which are not on Spotify are I’m Every Woman (from Discomania) and Teenage Dirtbag (from Radio 1 Established 1987)
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  3. It had a whole verse removed. Probably was 'Bored Stupid', but not sure why they'd change the title?
  4. It was registered as a totally separate song.
  5. Yes, Sarah's verse. They also removed the original chorus if i'm not mistaken.
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  6. Was this in an interview?
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  7. What i know came directly from a guy i used to date that worked with their team on Fascination (about the chorus and Sarah's verse/not Bored Stupid that is just me assuming they are the same song). Not sure if it's absolutely true but yeah.
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  8. How did I forgot about all these track? I always thought The Collection of Spotify was a complete list. Singapore is a bop and a half. Also where can I listen to Bored Stupid?
  9. I have spent a couple of lockdown days listening to their entire discography in order and let me tell you what a treat it’s been.
  10. It's never come out.
  11. Endemol has started to put old seasons of Star Academy (the French version of Fame Academy except Star Academy was very popular here) on YouTube in good quality for people to watch during lockdown. It would be nice if they could put up Popstars : The Rivals too, they're from the same time.

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  12. Yeeees! The way she plays up the choreography to the audience at 2:10 and 3:10 is so cute to watch.

    A natural performer every second she's on a stage.
  13. Cheryl (and her audience interactions) was by far my favourite thing about the Ten Tour.
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  14. Was there recently a Sexy! No No No version that had Cheryl's intro without autotune and it's not the mix we got on The Collection? Or maybe it was my imagination?
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    The version you are mentioning leaked a few weeks ago indeed.
  16. Are you thinking of the Development mix that was on the bonus disc of the boxset?
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  17. Standing front row of the B-stage on Cheryl's side during On The Metro for the 2nd night of The O2 dates remains a life highlight for me.
  18. Yes, it leaked last year. There was a leak of demos called GA 17.
  19. What, there were more leaks?! I thought the most recent ones were the tour medleys and 'Something New' remix and demo?
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    Last year, more tracks leaked but nothing spectacular : we got some Nadine, Cheryl and Nicola’s solo demo songs and some GIrls Aloud demos.
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