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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. You're one degree too hot.
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  2. Only counts if you’re in the shade.
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  3. Long Hot Summer was a Poor lead single!
  4. I don't get the hate for Long Hot Summer, especially from the girls. Its a tune.
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  5. Probably has to do with the fact that the whole reason it was recorded and released got scrapped.
  6. While not my favourite, Long Hot Summer is perfect as soon as the weather gets warm
  7. It’s a fun album track at best for me. Biology should have lead the campaign! Followed by Waiting, then Whole Lotta History.
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  8. Long Hot Summer is iconic. A rushed release, but a great addition to their discography:

    - Their camp side at its best
    - So many hooks
    - All those alternative versions
    - Released during a not-so-hot summer
    - The G-A-Y performance with the new lyrics
    - The non-alcoholic promotional cocktails
    - This performance:

    2005 was not a good year in fashion.
  9. LIVING for this performance. That wind machine is working overtime.
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  10. Could always rely on Nadine to turn it up just that little bit extra! The way she slams that car door shut, boy is she gunna make up for being in the car for the first 40 seconds!
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  11. I love the Long Hot Summer music video
  12. It always sends me how blatantly obvious it is that they’re lip syncing in some of their old performances LOL I love it. Such a sign of the times
  13. I absolutely love Long Hot Summer and adore the two alternate versions. I wish they threw out a couple more of those alternate versions since you know there must be dozens like these two and Wake Me Up. They were so generous with b-sides I can't really complain, but it would have been cool to get the alternate The Promise or others.
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  14. Long Hot Summer gets a bad rap! It’s cheesy, pop and camp everything that girls aloud were about
  15. When Nadine gets out the car is absolutely golden Nadine. The door slam, that outfit, the hand over the head. Iconic.
  16. Controversial but...

    ....I prefer Long Hot Summer to Biology...

    ...there, I said it but it’s true!
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  17. Reported.
  18. I don’t know why but I never think of Long Hot Summer as being the first single from chemistry, it’s always Biology. I know it’s on the album and I know it was released first but for some reason I view it at a stand alone single??!! With biology kicking of the new album campaign. Absolutely no logic in my thoughts!
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I absolutely love this song:
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