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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. It always felt as though the label wanted to balance out Xenomania's experimentation with really standard releases. Like they would say, "okay Xenomania we will give you Biology, but you need to follow it up with a safe cover of an 80s song immediately afterward."
  2. TMI


    Did See The Day premiere before the album release ?
  3. Yes! From day 1 hahaha.
  4. I think there was a feeling that Girls Aloud hadn't had their big original ballad moment yet. There was a lot of hype before the album release that 'Whole Lotta History' was their 'Never Ever' moment. I don't think it clicked with the public and reaffirmed that their strength lay in bangers.
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  5. You'd think it being used at GAY and on TV someone somewhere has a mp3 / wav
  6. Brian said in an interview at the time that because they weren’t getting radio airplay they kept doing covers as covers seemed to attract attention in radio.
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    Their cover of I Think We're Alone Now is awful, but it's one of their most fun videos.
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  8. Their worst music videos are certainly the ones from Jump - entire What Will The Neighbours Say singles.

    The first three singles all have pretty cool videos really I think for the time.

    Obviously their videos from Tangled Up onwards are all fabulous as they’re just better budget and stand the test of time better. The Loving Kind is actually a really stylish video shame it didn’t have one more setup. They all look amazing in it!
  9. I kinda enjoy the music video for The Show for all it's campiness and them attempting a storyline of sorts. Also those alter-egos...Maxi Wax? Chelsea Tanner? that_was_a_classic.gif.
  10. The Show & Love Machine videos are ‘no budget messes’, but I absolutely adore them for that very reason.
  11. Sexy! Is my favourite all-around single of theirs. Everything about it is just so exciting! The cover was posted on the last page, which is so simple but so timeless. It’s one of their more compelling tracks, mashing three tracks in to one. The video has a fantastic concept; reminds me of Fighter by Christina. The remixes pop the fuck off. The live versions always pop off. Shame it wasn’t bigger than it really deserved to be.
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  12. The girls definitely wanted 'Waiting' to be the last single from the album after 'whole Lotta History' came out. When I met them at the time, they asked me what I wanted to be the last single and I told them 'Watch Me Go' and they seemed baffled as to why I didn't say 'Waiting' by asking about that track in particular. I told them it's good but not as good as 'Watch Me Go' hahaha
  13. It’s like they have no taste in their own music! Waiting is so mundane, plodding and monotonous. Watch Me Go is sassy, saucy, catchy and a major bop.
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  14. Waiting is cute, but Watch Me Go is gorgeous.
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  15. I love Waiting, it’s probably one of my favourite album tracks of there’s.
  16. Waiting is top3 GA so y'all can stay mad at the one time they had taste x
  17. I know I'm alone in not liking it, but it's not even that I find it bland and forgettable (like Crocodile Tears which is possibly their most boring song) - I actively dislike it. I hate the jingly jangly intro and how the chorus is so flat and sounds like it's pretty much one note.

    When I look at my Chemistry play counts it's way below everything else. My average play count for tracks off that album is 44.7 (massively skewed by Biology which is at 197!) but Waiting is 11. I'm surprised it's even in double figures. I'd have swapped it out for Singapore or I Don't Really Hate You if I'd been in charge of the tracklist, and confined Waiting to B-side status.

  18. What an absolute hot mess of a performance. Still entertaining tho.
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  19. What the hell are Kimba and Nicola doing during those 4 minutes?
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  20. I love Watch Me Go - it’s my favourite on Chemistry and I desperately wanted it as a single, but I can see why it wasn’t. It’s virtually a Nadine solo (nothing wrong with that) and I can imagine the other girls not taking to it as well unless a single version distributed the lines out a bit
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