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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Yeah it needed a remix and a share of vocals to be a single. It would have been a smash in the clubs. The whole 'at quarter past...' bits were made for the dancefloor.
  2. It still really disappoints me that their 2007 greatest hits tour wasn’t filmed. Does anyone know why? That was my first concert and it was such a moment, I’d love to watch it back
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  3. TMI


    And then calling the Chemistry Tour "the Greatest Hits Tour" for the dvd release shocked me. I became a fan when Something Kinda Ooooh was released and was so disappointed when I discovered it wasn't performed on the DVD.

    I guess the point was to boost the sales of the dvd.
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  4. Apparently it's because it was a relatively low-budget affair. The real question is why didnt they release the audio (say instead of the Tangled Up Tour on the 2013 Collection) since one was recorded.
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  5. I imagine they liked Waiting because they all have something to do on the track, whilst still being a Nadine-athon.
  6. I think also (as discussed a few pages back) they were fully expecting the Greatest Hits to be the final Girls Aloud album so in a sense it's understandable why they'd tie it in to the album just to make it more accessible and push more sales.

    I can only imagine they didn't record the Greatest Hits tour because it was incredibly basic and most likely wouldn't have translated well on a professional recording. But also possibly the Chemistry Tour DVD sold less than they anticipated? It was certified Gold but maybe this wasn't enough to justify the costs.

    We know they had a deal with cinemas (Vue?) and Channel 4 for the Tangled Up Tour which probably eased the costs.
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  7. When it first came out but now my brain does it automatically that I forget the technical correct spelling is “Ooh”. It seems wrong typing it with just two “O”s.
  8. Waiting live pops off see Out Of Control tour for Hard evidence.
  9. It always bothered me how Kimba and Nic are almost absent from the song because I enjoy it so much. Nadine's part is just too long, but Cheryl's rap and Sarah's outro are so much fun. I would love a single mix with shared vocals.

    Waiting, on the other hand, has always been a joy to me.
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  10. I think Watch Me Go, as good as it is, sounded a bit like a demo, l reckon if they would have beefed it up it would have been single worthy.

    Watch Me Go with Tangled Ups production Values would have been Smash hit territory!
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  11. I went to watch the London show at a vue cinema. As it was live, I remember a lot of it being screen footage with barely any audience shots (similar to the Spice Girls footage that has recently leaked), however, the audio was so much better than all the dubbing they did on the DVD.
  12. TMI


    The lack of Blu-ray for the last tour is annoying.

    Same with Kylie’s Golden Tour.
    Same with Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour.

    Are artists still releasing tour Blu-ray’s or have they given up ?
  13. Just be grateful it still got released.
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  14. NEED.
  15. Yeah I went to this to and I agree the sound was brilliant !
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  16. At least we have HD versions of Ten & Golden on YouTube
  17. Does anyone know why Whole Lotta History entered the chart at 80 then rose to 6 in “release week”?
  18. I’m sure it was because back then downloads were allowed in the chart the week before the cd release.

    Just saying that sentence really shows how charts have changed!
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  19. Digital downloads.
  20. The thought of these happening only one year apart from each other...
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