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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I always wonder if they knew what the art direction was going to look like when they shot the photos for the Out Of Control campaign. Was it always the plan to use that huge Girls Aloud lettering as a backdrop and then slap the distorted font on? It just seems so random.
  2. I love the Promise & Loving Kind covers. Much like the album, they are stunning photos bogged down by some unnecessary bad font.

    Untouchable is probably their worst single cover. Inexcusable.
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  3. Those fonts, and overall covers....what a mess!
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  4. That font is so wildly unforgivable
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  5. It's also very telling that in the 'Out of control' era photos that sense of unity has gone. Everyone is now an individual, different outfits, poses, stood apart. The 'Tangled up' photos are unified, working to the common cause and fitting in together. I find it quite sad to see the difference in a year.
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  6. The thing that really bothers me is that the font doesn’t even make sense. It’s not even remotely in the same modern style as the photograph or the “GIRLS ALOUD” lettered backdrop. Then they decide to stretch it to make it look even more unattractive. I honestly think it was a mistake somewhere down the line, someone must’ve fucked up and they had to run with it across the campaign. Or someone in the band (who failed GCSE Art) was let loose in the design studio.
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  7. I just can't see this happening. Its more likely that the design agency behind it sold it really well rather than it just slipping through.
  8. I remember someone mocked up the singles using the Tangled Up style font and placement and they looked infinitely better, as the photos are decent (though I’m not keen on the fur coats!)
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  9. I remember at the time everyone being absolutely shook at the OOC fonts and they still stir anxiety in me to this day. The only forgiveable reason I can muster is that they completely ran out of time to get decent designer in so the record company did it themselves? But to continue using that same font and design for subsequent releases is truly unforgivable.
  10. It’s literally Georgia stretched out. An actual travesty.
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  11. To think they were the biggest pop band in the country at the time and they used that font. We need answers.
  12. I’m drunk so I don’t know if I’m just being dramatic but love machine really is an EXCELLENT song
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  13. They really had one of the best singles runs of all time. I remember buying The Sound Of and thinking it was one of the best compilations - up there with Madonna's The Immaculate Collection, Bob Marley and the Wailers' Legend, ABBA's Gold... every song was so great and it acted as a cohesive album, like the best compilations do.
  14. Untouchable is my favorite song.
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  15. I asked multiple pages back for some essential album tracks to listen to (apologies to the user that responded with a tonne of recommendations because I can’t remember who it was) but Girl Overboard & Control of the Knife are bangers. Up there with my favourite songs by them. It led me to watch The Tangled Up tour which looked like a complete blast.
  16. And there was me thinking the girls were already overrated enough on this forum nn.
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  17. Their single covers were so iconic. The Biology test tubes, the Long Hot Summer cocktails, the Wake Me Up badges. All so iconic!
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  18. Had a really hot guy over. Didn't get any but he left asking for Girls Aloud's name repeatedly so at least someone is getting a spin.
  19. Don’t forget the “See The Day” human snowflake and the “Love Machine” magazine covers! Form really did some amazing work for them. Wish I could find those covers in SHQ to make some prints out of them.
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  20. I hope you’re in a place where you haven’t just broken lockdown.
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