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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Still true:
  2. I have been streaming The Collection all day today and honestly a lot of the b-sides should have been on their albums
  3. TMI


    Nothing we don’t have though.
  4. You never know with Xenomania though, they could all sound completely different or have different lyrics like the alternate Long Hot Summers. Also what would Kimberley and Cheryl ballads be? History and Loving is Easy?
  5. I would expect so.
  6. Yes, they’re History and Loving Is Easy. I’ve asked they seem to be the same as the final versions and they are the same length etc.
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  8. £299?! Are they having a laugh????

    The date written is quite far into 2004, so I suspect the tracks are the same as the demos that leaked in 2009.
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  9. I remember at the time Cheryl said that the rest of the girls asked for certain parts to be cut but she'd decided that she'd let the public see all her bad bits. Fair play I guess.

    What is great about Off The Record is that they clearly tried to tone down the drama but it seemed to just follow them without having to be set up.
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  10. They must’ve had some real last minute edits of the show. One of the trailers for the following weeks episode showed Nadine and Jesse turning up to some event, but the following episode didn’t include any of that footage. Seemed that Nadine was the most unhappy being filmed, which kinda goes along with everything else she said regarding Passions and Ghost Hunting.

    When they come back for their 20th we NEED a season 2 ha
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  11. Yeh there’s quite a few “next week” or “coming up” with footage we never get to see. Even in the recap at the end, there’s footage they didn’t show us.

    Nadine does say “I was never happy doing the documentary and I’m still not. I don’t think anybody has been portrayed as themselves”.
  12. Off the Record was an awesome snapshot into their careers at a point where it looked like it was naturally coming to an end. Something Kinda Oooh gave them a second wind and the rest is history, but you can tell their hearts weren’t in it at that point. Though I do wonder if the excuses they kept making to get out of things to see their mum’s was actually an agreement with the documentary so we could meet the mam’s

    The Greece trip remains my highlight of it all though!

    Just having a play of the box set and I’m on Sexy! And Dog Without A Bone hit hard!
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  13. Off The Record is so trash that is pure gold! I don't believe for a minute that Nadine left the tour meeting for see her mum, that piece was scripted 100%.
    Chezza had many ups and down during the serie, she came off really annoying but at the same time she had the best moments. On top of all "Are you the mum?" "No, I'm the sister." A M A Z I N G
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  14. The fly on the wall style felt so much more natural than when The Saturdays did their Chasing The Saturdays programme.
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  15. Love when Cheryl gives that look to the camera after the papers suggest she’s had a boob job
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  16. As an American who missed the whole Pop Stars era, I became obsessed in 2007 after watching Off the Record. As many have said, their appeal was that they're the "girl-next-door", above average singers and performers but not remarkable individuals, a regional act still doing their own wardrobe and makeup at times, completely un-self-aware - and yet, it's like they were playing the part of the greatest girl band of all time.
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  17. I wish they'd done something like this during Ten. They all sounded lovely and the new arrangements were really interesting to hear.

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  18. I've got a custom vinyl pressing of Chemistry on the way soon, I'll post pictures when it arrives. I'm hopeful I can do the lot, but we'll see.
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  19. Where did you get one done? I'd like work on my own TEN/Tangled Up/Out of Control if we're never getting them.
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