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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. TMI


    Thanks @MC54 for this !

    I had to get rid of some songs from the Ten Setlist. What would have been your choices ?

    Each side is 18 min max long.

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  2. I'm still sad about "Call Me Maybe". Song is trash and we should've gotten a "Every Now and Then" performance.
  3. TMI


    Yeah, I replaced Call Me Maybe with the medley cause I think it was due to be performed here. But Every Now and Then is a good alternative.
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  4. Medley would've SLAPPED.
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  5. I was listening to the Flip N Fill remix of The Promise earlier and forgot it was all Sarah and Nadine. I wonder why a few of the Flip N Fill remixes have random alternate vocals.
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  6. TMI


    You can hear Nadine doing Nicola's verse in a remix of Something Kinda Ooooh too. Is it Flip N Fill too ?
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  7. This edit is gorgeous. The fan edition of Tangled Up remains their best album cover besides Ten.

  8. Yes.
    In the No Good Advice remix Kimberley does some extra lines in the second verse and Cheryl does the talking lines at the end.
  9. TMI


    Do 320 kbits/s MP3 are enough quality ? WAV is better I guess ?
  10. WAV files are the best.
  11. TMI


    24 bits, 48000 Hz is ok ? I could rise the sampling frequency but the weight of the file increases too much.
  12. Yeah, even 16 bits would be fine.
  13. Dan from intheclouds already responded to my email and said that when you write out the tracklisting, he'll take care of the mp3's. Bless. I wanna see the final product nowwwwww!
  14. TMI


    take care ?
  15. I was worried I uploaded them in the wrong order.... but he said the way they're written out by you is how he'll press them.
  16. TMI


    I read that they were running orders from early march...10 weeks seems real.
  17. I wish this image was available in HQ somewhere -

  18. Oh my gosh Side B would be on continuous rotation until the day I died
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  19. It took everything in me to keep Beautiful.... on side D. I despise the song, but if I was going to be true to form of the release, I kept it. ugh.
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  20. I don't understand why this image isn't more iconic and recognisable as part of their legacy, I totally love it. Say what you want about the 'tin foil' outfits, they were well executed with the variations being so well suited to each girl. I particularly love Nicola's outfit.
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