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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. This is a different image to the album cover. It was literally only used for this Woolworths poster. But I agree with you.

    The back cover image with just their mics is also brilliant!
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  2. R-7824926-1478692028-1703.jpeg.jpg As I was revelling in all the various editions of their first album on Discogs, I came across this as the Russian edition. Presumably unofficial but still sent me.
  3. I'd unapologetically take that over this horror:-
  4. Now you’re just taking the piss, especially when the Out Of Control cover “art” (if you can even call it that) is right there.
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  5. The sunburn hue always made me laugh.
  6. Wow intheclouds does custom CDs too? I'm in love!
  7. TMI


    And cassettes.
  8. Was listening to The Theme to St. Trinian’s for the first time in a long time and it really goes off!
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  9. I've tried to do some investigating on this, but, figured I'd ask here too. I know Cheryl only released 1,000 of these "Only Human" box-sets, with the autograph. Did she actually sign them? I've seen some signature differences on Discogs, etc (the handwritten heart, for example). It's such a nice quality photo and signature looks lacquered on. I'd frame the photo if I knew it was really authentic and not auto-penned.

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  10. Its definitely authentic! Mine is in a different place and you can see the pen marks
  11. Very cool. I always appreciate when artists do these signed releases and actually take the time. I always wished she would do the same for the new singles she pushed out in 2018/2019. Some limited pressing of "Love Made Me Do It" or "Let You" remixes would've been great, would've given a bit of a sales bump too. I miss her. And the girls in general.
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  12. I’d say authentic because mine looks slightly different to yours! [​IMG]
  13. TMI


    I’m interested in the Ten boxset with the Passions DVDs but can’t find it on auction sites. If you see it, let me know !
  14. Same! Its on discogs but over priced! If you want to watch Passions... its on YouTube
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    Well, the reason I didn’t buy it back then is because it wasn’t enough worthy for me but now I would be happy to have it, to complete my collection.
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  16. Same. I just refuse to pay so much for it. I do keep looking for it
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Same question for 'The Collection' here!
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  18. I've always wanted the mug from the 'What will the neighbours say?" tour. I know its a random thing to want, but I literally got a mug from every tour and then that one got broken sadly, and I'm so upset it was the mug from the first tour as its the hardest to replace.
  19. Amazing. Girls Aloud on Blue Peter featuring Konnie Huq.

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