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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. It sounds like somebody throwing a techno party on an alien planet.
  2. Keep "I'm Falling" on there, but chuck "Dog Without a Bone" in between "Control of the Knife" and "Fling."

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  3. Keep the album as it is and just go listen to it right now.
  4. A late-blooming british cigarette I went to college with is trying to argue with me on Facebook that Little Mix is "miles better" than the GA girls. Can I get some back up on why this moron is wrong? I've tried and tried.
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  5. Well he’s not really wrong and neither are you! Everybody’s going to say one girl group is better than the other. There’s room for everybody.
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah I probably shouldn't even want to start this but I'd say Girls Aloud got the better material whereas Little Mix seems to really get along 9 years on and got stronger harmonies/vocals.
    I love both, and Girls Alouds catalogue is beyond anyone's to me, but I'm glad there's still girl band(s) around whom I love.
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  7. My custom TEN vinyl I designed has shipped from intheclouds. The excitement is at it's peak.

    I have Nicola's arm on Side A, Kimba's hands on Side B, Nadine's shoes on Side C, and Cheryl's waist/arm on Side D.

    Sorry, Sarah.
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  8. I like Little Mix a lot but they've definitely had some questionable single choices. I'm proud they are going to make it to their 10th anniversary with ten active years, the way such an anniversary should be celebrated.

    I think Girls Alouds 2009 end is the most devastating thing to happen though as they so easily could've rode the wave of what they had built by 2008/09. They had both big commercial success and critical support. I bet no one would believe today that Coldplay wanted them as a support act. People will remember Cheryl at the Queens Jubilee concert though.
  9. Girls Aloud will always be my favourite.

    But I’m glad Little Mix exist and have had such success. There should always be an active girl group.

    UK can’t be beaten on Girl Bands, IMO.
  10. Hey Cheryl Ho welcome to popjustice!
  11. Pardon?

    (Joke. It’s the only decent girlband France ever produced, but what a band.)
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  12. TMI


    Check New L5. They are as successful as Nadine now.
  13. When’s the GA rate? Is it soon?
  14. No new rates are starting in August and it's #3 on list A, so I'm guessing around December?


  15. This might be a long shot but I remember a site back in the day that hosted HQ single artwork for the girls. Does anyone know if it still exists?
  16. What a cute performance.

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  17. You are probably thinking of GirlsAloudMedia, which unfortunately no longer exists.
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  18. That site was wonderful!
  19. Forgot about this bonkers bop.
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