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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Yeah it’s lovely that they’re talking again and this is definitely paving the way for that 20 year reunion, I wouldn’t say it’s a coincidence they’re all in touch again in the couple of years leading up to the reunion.
  2. Nadine and Kimberley were initially close when the band started, too, right?
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  3. They were besties during Popstars: The Rivals.
  4. The mic stand routine will forever be iconic.
  5. Cheryl’s chunky bangs are... a thing.
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  6. while rewatching this. i just realised that the first and last chorus is basically a cheryl solo while the 2nd chorus is a nicola solo. It's like they muted the mics of Sarah and Kimberley
  7. I’m sure I can hear Kimberley in all of the choruses
  8. I guess Brian Higgins was their sound engineer that day then.
  9. girls aloud's july streams :)

  10. I've been wondering what their most streamed non-single tracks were from each album.

    Sound of the Underground - Girls Allowed (219,000 streams)
    What Will the Neighbours Say? - Graffiti My Soul (479,000 streams)
    Chemistry - Wild Horses (313,000 streams)
    Tangled Up - Black Jacks (649,000 streams)
    Out of Control - Rolling Back the Rivers in Time (789,000 streams) [Miss You Bow Wow is close behind with 664,000 streams]
    TEN - On the Metro (4,144,000 streams)

    Which do we think SHOULD have been singles?
  11. 'Rivers' was actually going to be a single, but 'The Loving Kind' was pushed instead. The video obviously should've been a continuation of 'The Promise' with the girls going on dates with the blokes from the drive-inn.
  12. Omg I did not know this! Do we know what made them go with TLK instead?
  13. It still chaps my ass "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" was the final Girls Aloud single when "On the Metro" was right there.
  14. It's likely a contractual thing. But the fact it was a Pet Shop Boys track, did at the time create some hype.
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  15. That makes sense, thanks!
  16. Wasn't Rolling Back the Rivers considered as the single instead of Untouchable? That's what I remember from the time - I think The Promise and The Loving Kind were always fairly set in stone, as the label had wanted the latter to be the lead instead of The Promise.
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  17. Black Jacks?
    Girl Overboard would like several words.
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  18. That's a pretty solid list of could-have-been singles. Personally, I'd sub in Swinging London Town for Wild Horses and give Miss You Bow Wow the nod over Rivers.
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