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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. It's wild that "Androgynous Girls" was supposedly up for consideration for first singe from What Will The Neighbours Say?.
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  2. I am here for a Boys Aloud thing to happen with Kimberley’s and Cheryl’s sons in like 15 years. You know it would work! I was thinking about throwing Nadine’s daughter in the mix too as we know it would bring some drama and the vocals would be on point.
  3. 'Revolution In The Head' was what I heard instead of 'Untouchable', but because of the fan response the latter was chosen?

    'Miss You Bow Wow' being the true lost classic single.
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  4. Rolling Back The Rivers was definitely what i remember being announced as the Third single and fan outcry caused them to change it to Untouchable
  5. Yeah, it was definitely “Rolling...” that was being named as potentially the third single because I was one of the many fans who made a fuss about that.
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  6. Rivers would have been an awful choice.
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Rivers would've been a weird single choice. Love is Pain is right there.
  8. Also, we had this performance which felt like it could have led to a single release...
  9. I always felt that performing "Love Is Pain" of all songs during a holida special was an odd choice.

    Seriously though, it is not single material. It along with "Turn To Stone" does not have enough Nadine and neither song goes anywhere. I like the early Depeche Mode-vibe but a single? No. "Love Is Pain" as a Cheryl solo single? Maybe.
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  10. Ugh watching this after Beyonce and Alex's performance on the X Factor, what a happy [REDACTED] i was in Dec 2008.
  11. Is their rate still planned?
  12. I think the general public would've ate it up.
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  13. Yeah I think Rivers would've made a lot of sense. It's sonically much more organic, like The Promise, which the public ate up.
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  14. Yeah but the public eat up Ed Sheeran, they’ll take any old shit.
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  15. The shameless lack of taste on display! Rolling Back the Rivers is one of their best songs, a melodic slice of ABBA heaven. And it probably would have done well continuing the vintage pop sound of the Promise. Sigh.
  16. Truly facts!
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  17. Untouchable is incredible though so thank God taste won!

    Even if they did butcher it for release.
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  18. The Promise is not very good, and neither is Rolling Back The Rivers In Time. Was really uninterested in this sound for them.
  19. I love ‘Love Is Pain’ but I feel like this (unofficial) remix gave it the extra edge it needed. They I hammered this in 2008!
  20. Iconique.

    Sarah's Stepford Wives hairdo is a bit of a look too.
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