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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Swap out See The Day, Racey Lacey and No Regrets for the 3 B-sides, and make Crazy Fool (the Crazy Fool chorus is literally begging for Nadine) and It's Magic full group songs and Chemistry would be perfect.
  2. It’s Magic is a 10/10 as it is, let’s not pretend otherwise.
  3. It’s Magic is filler.
  4. It’s Magic is Top10 Girls Aloud.
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  5. Really? It’s not the worst Girls Aloud track ever but in their top 10?

    I mean, in no particular order:
    1. Sound of the Underground
    2. No Good Advice
    3. The Show
    4. Biology
    5. Girl Overboard
    6. Whole Lotta History
    7. Something Kinda Ooh
    8. Call The Shots
    9. Untouchable
    10. Memory of You
    And that excluding Graffiti My Soul, Sexy! No, No, No, Can’t Speak French, Swinging London Town, On The Metro etc.
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  6. Glad to see that Kimberley and Nadine have made up for the seventh time. Hopefully they will remain in touch when the reunion tour finishes in 2023.
  7. "Let your body receive what I can give..." - a classic.
  8. You're in my thoughts all the time
    And I can't seem to shift you from my mind
    I know I made a mistake
    I need some help with shifting this heartache
    You're in my thoughts all the time
    You're in my thoughts all the time
    You're in my thoughts all the time
    You're in my thoughts all the time

    ...kills me every. single. time.

    I don't think half of these would be close to my Top10.
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I can imagine Nadine being like "alright Kimberley, I'll give you the time of day" when Kimberley finally emailed her.
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  11. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't like the live version of 'Close To Love' at all. The performance itself is great, but the music is missing the crunchy sounds from the recording.
  12. I agree. Performance fire. Sound recording is missing the oomph.
  13. Since y'all were just discussing Chemistry and the b-sides, I'd like to share my freshly baked chemistry playlist.

    1. Intro
    2. Models
    3. Biology
    4. Wild Horses
    5. Waiting
    6. Whole Lotta History
    7. Nobody But You
    8. I Don't Really Hate You
    9. Crazy Fool
    10. Watch Me Go
    11. Racey Lacey
    12. Long Hot Summer
    13. Singapore
    14. It's Magic
    15. Swinging London Town
    16. No Regrets

    I struggled with this one since Chemistry is so strong and since the b-sides do genuinely have a different flavor from the bulk of the album, but I really think this works sonically and is very satisfying. The big surprise for me was "Racey Lacey" is elevated greatly when it is actually integrated into the album and flows perfectly into "Long Hot Summer". "No Regrets" as an album closer works well as a sort of post-"Swinging London Town" hangover statement.
  14. It's Magic is special for me, not only because its a great song but also because its a Nicola solo. I think Brian kinda made up for not using her as much giving her a coulple of solo songs, her voice shines with that pulsating electropop instrumental.
    I love it when Brian gave the girls solo songs, thats part of what makes their discography so amazing and creative. Its boring when all the songs are split evenly like with Little Mix.
  15. The idea that “It’s Magic” is anything but stellar...
  16. I’d go with this tracklist for Chemistry and include Black Jacks.


    1. Intro
    2. Models
    3. Biology
    4. Wild Horses
    5. Whole Lotta History
    6. Black Jacks
    7. Waiting
    8. Nobody But You
    9. Watch Me Go
    10. Long Hot Summer
    11. Swinging London Town
    12. I Don’t Really Hate You
    13. It’s Magic (Group, Nicola Lead)
    14. Crazy Fool (Group)
    15. Racey Lacey (Bonus Track)
  17. TMI


    The lack of Singapore on the streaming platforms is annoying.
  18. I considered including "Black Jacks" but it's such a high on Tangled Up and the demo version that leaked from that era isn't as good as the one released later.
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  19. I can't imagine Tangled Up without "Black Jacks." Granted, every song on that album is necessary, but "Black Jacks" in particular is essential.
  20. Precisely. It's not a "We Wanna Party" scenario. Plus the tour performance is one of their finest! Definitely no need to retcon "Black Jacks".
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