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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Black Jacks is Tangled Up’s finest and very much belongs there.
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  2. Same, Black Jacks and Control of the knife feel like the heart of the album for me. I wouldnt want a version of Tangled Up without Black Jacks.
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  3. Randomly remembered someone saying they thought it was Nadine breaking into the house at 00:50 and burst out laughing.

    I'm very easily amused.
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  4. Fix Me Up has just featured in a VT on The Voice Kids UK. It’s a good job it was the instrumental!
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  5. That was a classic. That was a classic!
  6. It isn't though, it's nice that talented group members all get to shine.
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  7. ps No Regrets is a 10. x
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  8. 2014

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    Said no one ever.
  9. Hmmm! I fell like this comment was made purely to get a (chain) reaction and nothing more!
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  10. Don’t feed trolls. x
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  11. I kind of agree. I’ve always liked that with Girls Aloud different members sing one line or even one word. For example Nadine starting the verse in Biology, then Cheryl taking over, Nadine coming back and Sarah joining. Or Nadine and Nicola switching lines in Something Kinda Ooh. Or Nicola having one small part in Can’t Speak French. Little Mix songs are kind of predictable in their line distribution.

    Though it’s better for the dynamics in the group to split evenly.
  12. Obviously I loved hearing each girl on each song, and I’d be disappointed if not everyone got a line. But I have to say, I always liked how varied their vocal distribution from one song to another was. It kept things exciting and unpredictable, which was very on brand for Girls Aloud.

    Nadine obviously nearly always had the most lines (particularly in the singles) but I loved that the other four would sort of take turns to take second-lead/third-lead and so on.

    I also liked how Xenomania’s unusual song structure (or lake thereof) meant that the girls didn’t just sing a verse each, in a traditional fashion. I loved when they’d have a line each (Fling, Love Machine bridge) or they’d sing lines back & forth (Nadine & Sarah in Something Kinda Ooooh) or interrupt parts of each other’s verses (Nadine & Sarah in Call The Shots) or finish each other’s sentences (the bridge in Can’t Speak French).

    And then sometimes one of the girls could get four little parts of a song while another girl got one big bit. Vocal distribution was quite chaotic but so much fun as a fan.
  13. I remember when 'The loving kind' was released, a friend who is a big PSB fan thought it was all Nadine singing and I sat down with the lyrics and highlighted who sang what and that is pretty much evenly distributed!
  14. When they did The Loving Kind live, Cheryl always sang with Nadine on her verse, which was bothersome.
  15. I feel the same way about everything, I loved it when for example Kimba got Memory of you and it was her time to shine, or when there was a Nicola solo song on an album, that surprise factor of who sang what made the songs more special for me. It kept things dynamic because I never knew what to expect from from the next song.

    The way Brian worked always fascinated me in the sense that he didnt split the lines evenly to keep them happy, he gave the lines to whoever sounded best in that bit and in that case the only winner is the song's quality and thats part of why their catalogue is so amazing, he didnt comprise the songs quality to keep anyone happy but the listeners... granted that must have been a hard pill to swallow as a band member, but as a listener it captivated me.
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  16. “The Loving Kind” is a 10/10 and one of my favorite songs by the Girls, but I can’t lie and say it’s incredibly frustrating Nicola’s “middle eight” doesn’t come in one more time at the end. It’s just achingly beautiful.
  17. God the entire Tangled Up era was peak Girls Aloud wasn't it. WHAT A BAND!
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  18. Mvnl

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    I remember being one of few (if any) to feel initially underwhelmed by Tangled Up because it lacked the 'holy shit, what even is this?' thing of Chemistry. Because come Tangled Up I was already used to the girls delivering the unexpected, I guess?

    But going by the year after it and after 13 years I think I can say Tangled Up had more growers and the kind of songs that still felt completely fresh weeks, months and years later
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  19. I mostly felt Brian used their voices as like, different threads woven together to form a beautiful tapestry. Like he used all 5 voices as one mega-range singer. I almost imagine the girls just laying down tracks labelled 'vocals' without the singer even mentioned and him coming in after and sewing them all together into pop masterpieces.
  20. A Power Rangers sort of girl band.
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