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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. May I say something? It's a common thing in Girls Aloud fandom to say that Nadine has the most lines and that she was the leading vocal of the group but I think it's unfair to say so.
    Nadine and Cheryl has the most lines/part, Sarah sang a good share on the songs as well while Nicola and Kimberley were used more for those bridges. I've always feel that the lyrics were all shared and everyone had their moment in the songs.
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  2. Nadine was definitely the leading vocal during the first three albums with Chemistry as peak. Cheryl got a lot of lines because she complements Nadine’s voice nicely. To me, it always felt like Nadine was the first to get lines and the other girls got lines based around that. There was a shift with Tangled Up and Out of Control, which became more Cheryl and Sarah heavy.
  3. Nadine & Cheryl are the only members to have a line in each one of their single. As in, a solo line all to themselves.

    Just for fun, who I consider to be the ‘lead’ of each single:

    Nadine: Sound Of The Underground, No Good Advice, Jump, The Show, Love Machine, I’ll Stand By You, Wake Me Up, Biology, See The Day, Whole Lotta History

    Nadine & Nicola: Life Got Cold, Call The Shots

    Nadine & Cheryl: Long Hot Summer, Something Kinda Ooooh, I Think We’re Alone Now, Sexy! No No No, Can’t Speak French, Something New

    Sarah & Cheryl: The Promise, The Loving Kind

    Nicola: Untouchable

    1. The Out of Control singles were probably the most evenly distributed between the five of them.
    2. I didn’t include Walk This Way or Beautiful Cause You Love Me, because... you know.
    3. Poor Kimberley.
  4. This conversation is getting weird. I find absolutely nothing wrong with saying Nadine had the most lines and leads because... it’s true?

    It didn’t stopped me when I was 14 from pretending I was Nicola and singing and delivering ‘Got me stuck in a rut’ softly (at least I thought so) like my life depended on it.
  5. I don’t know if you’re directing that at me? I’ve got literally no issue with it, I’ve just always found this sort of thing quite interesting to think about - comparing one song to the next.

    If you can’t go into minute detail about your favourite artist on a pop music forum, then where can you?
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  6. The Pet Shop Boys’ version of “The Loving Kind” was on a Daily Mix of mine today. Forever grateful the girls took the song and made it what it is.
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  7. Poor Kimberley alright. Did she even turn up for the Chemistry era?
  8. Isn't Models' chorus all hers? Is it Sarah's?
  9. She opens the album beautifully on Models.
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  10. Nicola and Kimbo get the opening line on a single just once each!
  11. Kimberley gets to open their best song ever, she's doing just fine.

  12. Just heard a terrible cover of N-Trance’s Set You Free on an advert, and this might be a terrible idea, but I made me imagine a Girls Aloud version of the song, now that would be a banger.
  13. this one...?
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  14. Yes! That’s the one!
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  15. Does the 2006 Megamix that was a b-side to Something Kinda Ooooh use a different vocal mix of Sound of the Underground to the released version? I like the vocals a lot better because they seem a lot less flattened into the Orchid demo (I think)
  16. Correct me if wrong, but Kimberley only has solo lines on Models, Waiting, Whole Lotta History and Swinging London Town?
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  17. Isn’t “Memory of You” also almost all Kimberley?
  18. Pretty much. Although I actually hear a bit of Sarah mixed in the choruses of Model.
  19. The part before the chorus on Wild Horses (Oh, did I miss my cue?...). The first one is definetely Sarah but I think the second one is Kimberley. Also her lines on Intro and her voice is very prominent in the mix of Racey Lacey.

    And if we are talking b-sides she has more lines and a whole song. Bless her
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  20. After this conversation I listened to a bit of Chemistry in the car on the way home from work.
    I truly think Waiting would of been a great single choice! That was a missed opportunity. Also the album is so lyrically fantastic, especially Swinging London Town.
    I never really noticed the lack of Kimberley on that album but you’re right, she doesn’t get many solos. Which is a shame because I think she sounds great on what she does.

    Can you imagine the look on Cheryl and Kimberley’s face when Brian asked them to sing the intro the Wild Horses.

    edit : Cheryl ‘who the fucks Peter?’
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