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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. This “Long Hot Summer” dragging needs to stop. Y’all act like it sounds like something they would never do when it sounds exactly like a Girls Aloud song.

    Chemistry era issue was following “Biology” up with two ballads.

    Also, hard disagree “Something Kinda Ooooh” was quirky. It is one of their most accessible singles considering it was a high energy dance-pop track.
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  2. I still stan "Long hot summer". Never got the relative hate for it.
  3. I think the dislike comes from a couple of places - it was their first single to miss the top 5 and also Xeno pretty much disowned it too pretty quickly so people latched onto that.
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  4. If a 15 year grudge is what's stopping some of y'all from listening to one of the boppiest bops they've ever put out, I don't know what to say...
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  5. It's not bad as such but being out a while before the album it would have been better as a nice standalone single and let Chemistry have it's other charms show themselves.

    Something kinda ooooh is quirky too. Those lyrics!
  6. Long Hot Summer is... fine. It starts off very strong with Cheryl and Nadine's verse and pre-chorus, but everything after that isn't as great.
  7. Long Hot Summer is great. Was then, still is.
  8. I've been obsessing over live videos of them recently and gosh, the arrangement of Call The Shots on the Hits Tour is really lovely. So lush and beefed up.

  9. Jeans and a nice top done to perfection.
  10. This being their entire 2004-2006 styling brief!
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  11. "I ricochet around the world drinking pink champagne - it's easy".

    That alone makes the everything after amazing.
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  12. Long Hot Summer is truly quirky GA sound at its best I’m honestly surprised Xenomania weren’t happy with it considering it encompasses pretty much their entire formula with the band. I will say tho that the GAY lyric version might be my favourite.
  13. I think it's mostly down to the fact that they didn't seem confident with the direction to go with (based on the demos featured in the boxset where they seemed to try out a few different things) coupled with the rushed production/release, all for a soundtrack opportunity that never actually came to fruition. Xenomania probably were never fully satisfied and soured quickly on the 'final' product as a result.
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  14. The full “Long Hot Summer” is pretty meh but the Girls on 45 megamix it’s been featured in really highlights it’s highs... the chorus is fab. The rest? Meh.
  15. Long Hot Summer has grown on me over the years. I liked it from the start, but now I never skip it.
  16. Another upscale. This one doesn’t seem as bad as the last in the group shots.
  17. Cant believe Biology is 15 years already. I think that's the Girls Aloud single that most grabbed my attention at the time of release. Such quirky erratic layout for a pop song yet it works perfectly.
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  18. 11 years ago today!

  19. Kimberley looking absolutely stunning there.
  20. I never noticed that the dresses have texture. Always loved this ensemble!
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