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General Janet Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I'm sure Glastonbury essentialists aren't happy, but I love that line up. Perched for new Tame Impala!
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  2. Stormzy getting a headlining spot over Janet and Kylie...... Something isn’t right there.

  3. Fixed!
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  4. Not when Stormzy is the most worthy headliner there in 2019.
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  5. I assume she'll be headlining The Other Stage on Saturday night vs probably The Killers.

    Or, as I like to call it, "The Chic Slot" in homage to one of the greatest Glastonbury sets of the last 10 years...
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  6. Well yeah! Them too haha
  7. Hmm
  8. I mean i love supporting our own and all but anyone, ANYONE saying Stormzy deserves a headline slot over Janet or Kylie is living in some alternate reality.
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  9. To reiterate the points of others - Glastonbury tends to follow a formula... 2 x "Current" headliners and 1 x "Heritage"... thus both Janet and Kylie (or we, as they probably don't give too many fucks) have The Cure to blame as neither was contending for the same slot as Stormzy...

    I wouldn't personally describe The Killers as relevant, though at least they save us from a George Ezra headlining situation, so there's at least that...
  10. I'm just glad Kylie & Janet are going to be there! Not bothered about the politics of who plays when.
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  11. Same, they will steal the show anyways.
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  12. Indeed, artists do Glasto for the unmatched prestige (and the free BBC publicity!), not the ,handbag'!!!
  13. There's only one slot though
  14. My only wish is that (because she's headlining The Other Stage or West Holt on Saturday night) we get a BBC4 full, uninterrupted JJ concert experience live...

    That's quite a big wish but very achievable (especially as TOTP reruns will just be finishing the Control era when it happens and... you don't need me state her influence on the artists following her, it's the Janet thread)
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  15. Maybe to guitar bands from the UK on their first EP, big names get good money.
  16. Well, it's all relative. Glastonbury's primarily a charitable operation so the fees generally are way lower for everyone, right across the board. The most they've paid for headliners is £250k for the Rolling Stones – any other festival they'd get 10x that. I'd be surprised if Janet's fee was enough money to be her only UK booking, teebs, but we'll see.
  17. The general public in the UK largely pays Janet dust and so strategically, this is such a smart move to give a jolt of electricity that puts her back on people’s radar. It would be the best pre-cursor to announcing UK tour dates.
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  18. Nobody said that? Just that she's not singing for 100 quid and half a yurt to share with Sigrid.
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  19. Damita needs to perform 'Throb' at Glasto or else.
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  20. That's also risky. I mean if all goes well, yes. She can sell a tour out, albums back in the Top 10 etc. I worry she'll get given a daytime slot and fear 'she's miming, Ed Sheeran would neva xx' tweets.
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