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General Janet Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. She should definitely be working with Danja, Darkchild, and Bloodshy & Avant.
  2. Danja has three noses on top of each other.

    I wish Janet would do something really ballsy, like get some 'undiscovered' producers and songwriters to work for her. Or... go to some unexpected direction, like 'an album produced by The Knife, the lyrics by various young poets' or whatever.

    Cue for:
    "Oooh, *beat*, oooh, *hand clap*, ooh you so make me wet, oooh *beat* oooh"
  3. Ray


  4. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    I have often wondered what it would take for Janet to make a comeback and I just don't know. I mean I seriously thought that "Discipline" was gonna be HUGE but then it bombed. I mean "Feedback" was very now sounding, and it was not a hit... I think Janet has just should go to Vegas.
  5. That is exactly what she should do next, but I'm afraid she won't. She won't leave her comfort zone, she did it back in the 90's and it was amazing, but that Janet is long time gone, she's now surrounded and influenced by people like JD, and that's not a good thing. :(
  6. I think she's tried leaving her comfort zone a zillion times and it has not worked. Although something more POP would help.... Klaus?
  7. I think it could have been huge. They just didn't promote it enough/the right way. That's one of the main reasons she decided to leave Island Def Jam.
  8. i dont know if its the music we should worry about...

    janet is the problem.

    she's a relic who hasn't remained culturally relevant, at the same time as seeing her music perform less and less successfully.

    she has had some fab moments (ALL NITE, FEEDBACK, WEEKEND) from the past 3 records...but not enough to hang almost the ENTIRE second part of her pop career.

    her public persona of sex queen meets pollyanna has aged quicker than her 40 years. i mean, really, can that persona compete with the younger, sexier version that is rihanna?

    unless she take an enormous creative leap, at the same time as completely reiventing her public persona, i'd say janet is headed for a career remarkably similar to toni braxton or cyndi lauper.
  9. Ray


    OUCH! But yes, I agree. That tour hurt her reputation much more than the nipplegate, I think. I don't think any promoter agency will take her seriously as a live artist now -- or that anyone will want to insure the next tour either. I think she overdid it -- 37 songs was simply too much.

    (And I still want to know why she hasn't been seen without a full-body suit for the entire Discipline promotion, except for the photograph on the cover. I think something scary hides under those hideous clothes she's been wearing. An alien?)
  10. MB


    in my humble opinion. if discipline and songs like feedback, rock wit you and luv cant get the poor cow a hit then nothing will
  11. Ray


    Well there was the whole promotion fiasco: 1. CRAP video for Rock With U; 2. no live appearances other than performing Feedback about three times on the American telly; 3. no video for Luv and Can't B Good; 4. no singles that people could actually purchase, other than Feedback (radio edit) being on itunes; 5. half the tour being cancelled (and all of it being half a year too late). Am I missing anything? This could have been her comeback album, but what happened instead has only been frustrating.

    Oh, and I don't know, maybe Dupri's fantastic in bed, but she should NEVER do any work with him again. Ever ever, in any capacity.
  12. I don't think anything she's done after 'The Velvet Rope' was outside her confort zone really. It's all very safe in my opinion.

    I would love her to go for a extreme change, and do an album of styles like dream pop, shoegaze, indie pop with bits of electronica and trip-hop. Something completely new and unexpected. Get european producers (M83, Metronmy, Guy Sigsworth, maybe Goldfrapp...) and some unknown ones, forget about how many recors she wants to sell, and just do a nice album. And take some promo photos for the album booklet like the ones she did for 'The Velvet Rope' tour program, i don't know if anyone has seen them, but they are very classy!

    I think vocally she can deliver for that kind of music, but it won't happen. :(
  13. MB


    well when u put it like that i can now see the errors that were made, u did however forget the amazingly crap video for feedback.

    i quite liked the Rock Wit You video, well it was better than feedback.
  14. I never realised that she jumping between planets in the Feedback video until the other week while I was watching it on the screens at the local gay bar! I still don't get the bit at the end where she's dancing in that white liquid, its a tad unnessesary.

    I still love Feedback and I recently got Discipline- and I was so disappointed! Too many skits, the whole sex queen persona is getting really tiresome and most of album is sub-Rihanna filler. Although I love Luv, Rollercoaster and Greatest X!
  15. In my opinion there's just too much slow stuff on Discipline. I don't really mind Janet's sex obsession, but she needs to do an up-tempo album ala Blackout.
  16. MB


    was the bar in question 'crunch 2'? random i know but i was in there they were playing it, i just find the whole video unnessesary!
  17. Nope, it was a club in Stoke-On-Trent, imaginitavely called "The Club". Big Feedback fans in there. I used to hate the song until I realised how amazing it was when blasting out a PA system.
  18. MB


    me and my friends love randomly singing the line "do you like my style?" at people then screaming "No". its very amusing, especially in built up areas such as train stations or shopping centres
  19. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    It's so strange cos when I saw the making of 'Feedback" I thought it was gonna be amazing but it just turned out to be too dark and cheap looking... maybe it was the director fault but the video was a huge let down.
  20. Sounds like pushing a random unattrative lesbian off a podium last weekend during Sexy! No No No while singing the "No No No" bit at her. I'm a mean drunk!

    Feedback is absolutely amazing. Can't believe it didn't chart over here- but then again, she never seems to be bothered to promote herself over here. When was the last time she actually did do some promotion for an album here?
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