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General Janet Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Um, she needs to be doing that celebration in Minneapolis. (OK, so I'm being self serving here but also, you know, history).
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  2. Truly an underrated gem (Janet rate 2.0 later this year.)
  3. So smooth this.
  4. I guess this means no new album in the foreseeable future. Oh well, Madame X will save 2019.
  5. Whatever happened to that Netflix doc she was doing? (Not that anyone really needs it.)
  6. God I love this song so much.
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  7. I'm just glad she's giving the 30th anniversary of her best and most iconic album acknowledgement. That'll do for now.
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  8. Okay but relatable
  9. The song ended... what the- I didn't even get to cum!!!!!

    ...did you?
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  10. So iconic.
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  11. Um, how did I miss this announcement?? If she plays the full album it will be the only fitting end to my gay life.

    [rushes to buy tickets]
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  12. Ok I’m fucking over Americunties getting everything. Glasto is unfair recompense for 30 years stanning.
    Get your ass to Europe mama.
    Nottingham 1814 please!
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  13. I hope Janet gets treated as the icon she is at Glastonbury.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  15. I know Janet has quite a resume on television before she become an iconic superstar. But how did I just find out now that she was on a short-lived TV comedy in 1979 called A New Kind of Family co-starring Telma Hopkins, Eileen Brennan and... Rob Lowe?

  16. Janet, really has been an star for near enough all her life.
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  17. A full album show for Rhythm Nation would be life-changing.
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  18. Control: The Remixes is finally available digitally! Now with 12 tracks, so I guess it just about combines the different Control remix albums.

    EDIT: Just checking the different editions, and at least What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Mix) and When I Think Of You (Instrumental) from More Control are missing.
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