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General Janet Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I keep listening through to these amazing selection of remixes. Enough to keep you sorted for hours.
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  2. I wish she’d release a new album already. Just listening to Unbreakable and it really is a strong album from start to finish. After such a triumphant comeback I’m surprised she’s leaving it so long to release a follow up.
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  3. No, the Dorrell & Mackintosh mixes are from 1990. The Pettibone mixes meant nothing to Uk dancefloors in our house rave era late 89 onwards so A&M started getting the duo, who were the biggest uk remixers at the time, to remix Janet (did Escapade too). That 9m mix is very fine.
  4. The Shep Petttibone remixes from all these really are superb. That man was a total re mixer and producer genius!
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  5. Now next up, a release of this tour please Janet!
  6. I did not know that Janet solely wrote Black Cat. I’m seeing her in a new light. I knew she contributed to the creation of her songs, but to write a killer track like BC is very impressive,
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  7. Sis.
  8. LP


    So - these Rhythm Nation shows , aren't exclusively RN tracks ?
  9. Sis will finish the whole of RN1814 in one 15 minute medley. Of course there will be other medleys too.
  10. Not at all. It's
    songs long.
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  11. Indeed she did, one of her best ever songs period for me too.
  12. This is quite the statement on a Sunday, go pray
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  13. I'm surprised too because the musical landscape seems so perfect for it right now. And she finally gets all the praise, support, and respect from the industry that she deserved. As well as so many new artists that were inspired by her. A new album would be very much welcomed and it will probably do well.
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  14. I'm gagging too, but I'm also happy for her to ride her wave of reappraisal. I never thought I'd see the day when her legacy would be so celebrated...especially with her still around to see it too.
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  15. It's fantastic too see isn't it? Long time coming for sure too.
  16. I need this so badly... but Damita sis... $400?
  17. LP


    I want it but can't justify it .
  18. Janet's current style being '20 year old UO Twink' is such a mindfuck and lovely to see. Werq those checked shirts and FILAs mom!
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