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General Janet Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. LOVE this gem nowadays...
  2. PERTH - she's a coming.

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  3. Janet showing more Aussie love
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  4. I’m fucking screaming at her being completely gagged at her own beauty

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  5. New hair.

    I gotta admit that I was over the she gives a shit what I think.
  6. Unbreakable really is an incredible album. Up there with her best work, for me.
  7. It's definitely a return to form. She didn't follow an old template of her previous albums and sounds way more personal. For me it's her best since The Velvet Rope.
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  8. LOVE THIS!!!!!
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  9. Was anyone @ the Perth show?

    Set-list please - cannot find it anywhere?

    I think she only did a 70-80 mins performance?
  10. You just know this bish is gonna pull the ultimate gag in a couple of years, die her hair blond and recreate the Love Will Never Do video look and completely erase 30 years of ageing in one picture. She is soooo beautiful.

  11. So we know she did If, Runaway, Scream with Michael on the screen behind her (first time this year JJ has performed Scream) and RN.
    The Perth crowd looks very chillaxed - Sydney will bring it next week.
  12. Perth didn't get the recent San Francisco 33 song setlist BUT that includes 2 medleys (Janet loves a medley).

    Perth got 18 songs and no medleys.



    You Want This - I might die
    When I think of you
    R&B Junkie
    Go Deep
    Together Again
    Made for Now
    What have you done for me lately
    Got 'til it's Gone
    That's the way love goes
    The Knowledge
    All for You
    Rhythm Nation

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  13. 2nd show - Melbourne - she added Miss You Much - so 19 songs in total now.

    I love that the show opens with the pledge from Control.
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  14. It without a doubt absolutely is. Classic and modern Janet both at the same time.
  15. She wasn’t doing Miss U Much on a Rhythm Nation 30 anniversary show? sis!
  16. Im surprised she performed Scream. Bit of a dissapointment.
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