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General Janet Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Just felt the immediate, pressing urge to listen to The Velvet Rope again tonight. Spinning it right now and it is giving my soul everything it needs.

    23 years on and there is still no other album that can hit the spot quite like this one.


    The definition of a classic.
  2. I had the urge a few weeks backs when I was to listening to Tonight's the Night from one of my playlists. Those angelic sultry vocals, the delicious harmony, the gorgeous bridge, how Rod's version is infinitesimal compared to Janet's. I haven't listened to the album front to back as a whole in a few years but its such a solid body of work that alway puts me in a good ass mood.
  3. The Velvet Rope is the best album of all time. Period.
  4. Seriously. Janet's music is not only timeless, it's resonant.

    I mean, New Agenda. That song is more resonant than ever. So powerful.
  5. The way she successfully wrapped up a politically potent message in sugary megabop packaging. I have never seen anything like it.
  6. I’ve been listening to Janet so much this past week, especially Rhythm Nation and Unbreakable. What timeless albums. It’s both at testament to her artistry and a depressing reality that Rhythm Nation is as relevant as it is today. And not that this is very important considering everything that is happening, but I’ve been seeing a lot of playlists lately that don’t include any of her music and it makes me sad because she has always put these difficult topics at the forefront since the beginning of her career.

    Regardless of that, I will never be able to comprehend the daily impacts of racism - but the way her music fills me with such hope and inspires me to keep working to a better future is so beautiful.
  7. New Agenda, so inspiring that song.
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  8. I could see her wanting to go back to the recording studio to record some more socially conscious material if she hasn’t done so already. She always shines there and no doubt will be very inspired by everything going on right now.
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  9. The NFL should fucking give her next years Super Bowl slot if they’re not just talking bullshit about realising how they’ve fucked up in regards to the Black community.
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  10. Honestly, I think she’s past that. This discussion happened when they invited Justin Timberlake back and they had to say that they were open for her to return as well. She thanked everyone for calling them out. She was very gracious about the entire thing. I really do think she’s just over it. It was great seeing her perform at the Billboard Music Awards. I’d much rather see her do things like that.
  11. If I remember correctly, Janet’s people said she was open to it. Hmm’t.
  12. Sounds like that quote came from Randy. Her documentary was being filmed around that time. No doubt that played out in front of cameras.
  13. So my friend/coworker and I HAVE listened since the last update (I think that was Rhythm Nation).

    We did janet., The Velvet Rope, and today we did All For You. I'll try to catch up on how he received them all. Maybe I can share our janet. experience in a little bit.
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  14. Maybe just stop after All For You?
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  15. janet.

    So we listened to the janet. album the week before last. We talked about her burgeoning libido and how her sexual coming-of-age was sort of the... hook for the campaign. We talked about Poetic Justice, all her Maya Angelou poetry and how it allegedly inspired lyrics on the album. The purpose of "janet, period" in really breaking away from her family name, Virgin's global push for the album, and so on.

    It was another smash for my friend. He recognized That's The Way Love Goes and Again. He loved how the album kicked off, Throb was the first "hiccup" for him and I get it, it's kind of a loosely structured f*ck on the dance floor rather than a proper pop/r&b song.

    His favorites includes You Want This, If, This Time, What'll I Do, Again, Where Are You Now, but he wrote down like 10 of the 14 songs. The maximalist qualities of the album really appealed to him, he loved how much genre-hopping happened while still feeling like a coherent, fully realized album. He's just so impressed with the smoothness of the Janet/Jimmy/Terry machine. Like he loves Jimmy and Terry now and he appreciates how they've demonstrated their respect for Janet over the years. We talked about songs like Funky Big Band and how they function as these "dream capsules" within the album. He didn't recognize Anytime, Anyplace and was surprised that it got to #2 on the Hot 100 (I mean join the club, I'm the founding member).

    I also made sure to include the Design of a Decade songs and I explained why it's not a worthy representation of her imperial phase.

    These are his grades up to this point:

    Janet Jackson: C-
    Dream Street: F
    Control: A-
    Rhythm Nation 1814: A+
    janet.: A

    He also asked me if he could consider janet. his favorite of her albums so far even if he didn't give it the highest grade. I told him he could because I don't consider janet. her best album, but I'd probably consider it my favorite as well.

    Anyway, I ended that day's sermon by noting that, in the midst of all this success, Janet was going to a dark place in her life and she still had a lot of demons that she hadn't confronted, but that soon she wouldn't be able to avoid her past any longer, Behind the Music, etc.


    In my research for the janet./Velvet Rope eras I learned a lot about her contracts that I was never clear on.

    So the 1991 contract with Virgin was for four albums, BUT she could walk away from the contract if Virgin was acquired by another label. So that explains why she renegotiated after just one album, because EMI took over Virgin. I always thought it was weird that she signed such a mega deal seemingly for one album.

    Re: the 1996 contract for $80 million, I think $35 million was given to her up front, each album guaranteed a $5 million advance, and $25 million was allotted for marketing and video expenses. Apparently Disney tried to woo her but couldn't see a road to profitability given her demands. She also received like 24% of the album sale royalties (probably after each advance was earned back), and the master recording rights reverted back to her seven years after the conclusion of the contract. In the article I read in the LA Times archives, some industry people speculated that Virgin would need to sell 50 million albums to profit from the deal, while others said they'd only need to sell like half of that.

    Either way it didn't happen so.
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  16. Oh no, we're doing Damita Jo in a few days and we're gonna have a LONG TALK about what happened there. I'm in the camp that thinks Damita Jo is a superior album to All For You, it just lacks a pair of knockout singles. And we'll... we'll listen to 20, Yo and Discipline next week.
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  17. Fair enough,

    Oof that 20YO / Discipline slump tho...
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  18. And skip to Unbreakable.
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  19. Just play Call On Me, Feedback, Rock With U and move on to Unbreakable.
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  20. After initially despising Discipline, and lumping it in the trash with Damita Jo and 20 YO, I've come to absolutely love it. It's by no means perfect, but feels a lot more Janet than those two.

    "Heavy like a first day period" will never not make me scream.
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