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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chasingthepast, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. There wasn't a thread so I thought I'd make one, especially to remind people what an underrated jam and video this was:

    That dance breakdown alone>>>>
  2. I don't know her.
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  3. Great gowns, beautiful gowns...
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  4. 10 years since Hold It Don't Drop It, I feel old.
  5. Us is one of her most pointless releases ever.
  6. NBC confirmed today that Shades of Blue will end after the upcoming 3rd season.
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  7. Jenny has served us so many certified bops. Come through Super Bowl setlist.
  8. I'm Into You came on shuffle in the shower earlier and honey I was feeling myself. What a shame that didn't blow up.
  9. Get Right is the quintessential JLO song aside from Jenny From the Block.
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  10. It was still top 10 in the UK and is always a bit of a moment in her live show. In terms of her career post 2007 it's one of her biggest hits.
  11. Whatever happened to that Drake collab?
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  12. He released the song but without her on it after they split up.
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  13. Rob


    Do we know which song it was?
  14. I love Us.
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  15. Teenage Fever has a sample of If You Had My Love so could have been that one I’d imagine?
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  16. Never understood why this wasn't released, it would have been a smash especially internationally.

  17. She's performing at the Billboard Music Awards, I'm assuming she'll do Dinero?

    But who photoshopped that picture though, cause that barely even looks like her.
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  18. This is exciting i cant wait to finally hear the full Dinero song.
  19. Who at the BBMAs hates her enough that they decided to turn her into Melania?!
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