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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chasingthepast, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Ok then..
  2. Wishing Ashanti all the best for tonight's Super Bowl Halftime Show!
  3. You dug up this thread from the forgotten depths to post that basic lazy arse burn circa 2007 just 2 hours before the power of Latina women (one of them J.Lo herself) is seen by over 100 million people world wide? I hope you are proud of yourself.
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  4. You know what. You're right. My personal bewilderment at her massive success aside, it was a cheap shot on a night that was significant for representation.
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  5. After watching the Halftime Show, I delved back in Jennifer's discography and it's a shame that "Do It Well" and "Hold It Don't Drop It" never became some of Jennifer's signature hits.

    Oh, and I completely forgot that "Good Hit" was officially released. What a bop.
    I realize that you asked this question two years ago, but Jennifer was meant to appear on "Keep It Together," but was replaced by Jorja Smith once they split up.
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  6. Brave is - like all JLo albums - half great, half whatever, but it could have had a great singles run. Do It Well, Hold It Don't Drop It, Mile In These Shoes, and Brave are all excellent songs and Forever and Wrong When You're Gone are nearly just as good.
  7. This would've been an iconic singles run. It's a shame that they abandoned the album once it underperformed.
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  8. Do It Well is easily one of her best ever songs. A fucking banger. I still can't believe it didn't smash.

    It even had a LaChapelle video for fuck's sake.
  9. At least Do It Well got a fucking iconic music video.
  10. Oh how I love these three songs.
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  11. I love Brave. I swear some of those songs just randomly pop up in my brain.

    Say what you will about J-Lo, but her music is fucking catchy.
  12. When Desperate Housewives used "Mile In These Shoes".... massive.
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  13. I love her so much.

    Her work ethic is simply unparalleled.
  14. LMX


    I need UK tour dates and I need them now.
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  15. What’s the new music news?
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  18. Why is she wasting her momentum on that.

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  19. Those lyrics in the snippet are truly hot garbage.
  20. I know this song is already a hit internationally, but...

    Tonight's gonna be bueno,
    I'm talking no problemo!

    Baby, tonight's like fuego
    We 'bout to spend a dinero
    We party to the extremo!

    Why do people keep working with
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