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General Jennifer Lopez Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chasingthepast, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. RainOnFire

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    I know she just went on tour last year but I'm gonna remain bitter as hell that nothing's happening after the Super Bowl.
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  3. But we need her to announce the tour
  4. Ugh. Get Right and Waiting For Tonight.

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  5. Any idea when this RITMO remix is dropping?
  6. When is the new album coming. Now is the time girl.
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  8. I'm so ready to part with cash (or credit, let's be honest!) to get loud with J.Lo in the UK. C'mon Jennifer!
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  9. Absolutely. She hasn't had this much attention in years for her music so it'd be amazing if she could actually lead into an album.
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  10. Yeah I don’t know what’s holding her back. She has so much respect from peers, I bet she could get tons of collabs. Just a short, lean album full of bops and we would all be happy!
  11. Fuck. I have been revisiting her discography and "J.Lo" is one hell of a patchy album bar the obvious singles. I barely remember anything that went after "Walking On Sunshine", and that's Track 4 on the album!
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  12. Rearranged, it does sound like a coherent piece of work, but there were some choices on that tracklisting. "Come Over" is terrible and heaven knows I adore a Jennifer guitar-driven ballad.

    1. Love Don't Cost A Thing
    2. I'm Real
    3. Play
    4. Walking On Sunshine
    5. I'm Waiting
    6. We Gotta Talk
    7. Ain't It Funny
    8. That's The Way
    9. Dance With Me
    10. I'm Gonna Be Alright
    11. Cariño
    12. Dame
    13. Si Ya Se Acabo
    14. Secretly

    Horror show bonus tracks:
    - That's Not Me
    - Come Over
    - Pleasure Is Mine
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  13. Dame (Touch Me) is top 10 Jennifer Lopez I think
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  14. Yeah it's all about the singles on that album! But I can't help but love the album ddd, even though a lot of it is filler and/or objectively bad. I have so many memories on buying the cd and playing the album on repeat.

    This Is Me Then and On the 6 has to be her best albums no? Together with LOVE
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  15. I love 'Si ya se acabó'. too bad it was not a single
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  16. So tour will be next year and a new album from the movie will be release later this year...
  17. I hope she announces something soon, it would have been great if she had released a buzz single to coincide with the super bowl performance. It really was a missed opportunity
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  18. Well she actually said that she might go on tour with the new album (that will be the OST for the movie let's be real) but not this year... I won't get my hopes too high, but it's great to know that we will have 6 to 8 new song from Jennifer to go with the movie.
  19. Either way she has signed this new deal with Live Nation for multiple years, so something is coming in the future regardless.
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  20. Is this going to be a "Rihanna recorded a concept album for Home, so it'll feel like you're receiving two Rihanna albums (ANTi and Home: OTS), but then there's only like two or three tracks by the artist in question" situation?
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