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General Jennifer Lopez Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chasingthepast, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Is it the movie with Maluma and will we have duets and even more important videos?
  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Yeah there's no way a tour isn't coming if they made a big deal about this Live Nation agreement, it just depends on when. Even before the halftime show, I already figured nothing was gonna happen this year because she was never going to go on a brand new tour less than a year after her last one.

    I will say though that (amongst other reasons) I missed out on the last tour because I thought the tickets were a biT overpriced, so if I thought it was bad back then before the halftime show... welp.
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  3. What an absolute serve.

    Tens across the board.
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  4. I wonder what happened to the RITMO remix that was supposed to drop on the 7th? The teasers all said "Coming tonight", then she changed the caption on her Insta to "Coming soon" and now it's deleted.

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  5. LMX


    Where’s the U.K. tour dates
  6. LMX


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  7. Well at least we now know there were concrete plans for a UK tour...Which will hopefully still happen next year because I need to see her live.
  8. This video from the summer tour got uploaded today.

    Truly the best performer in the game right now. Her stage presence and energy are unmatchable.
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  9. i feel bad for her - she had a true return to form to the public with the superbowl halftime show and has to put all her plans on hold because of the virus. hopefully people still remember how good a show she serves when this is all over
  10. I felt like I was watching a whole play. I really like that she even more over the top now.
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  11. I mean....

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  12. she is so underrated it’s unbelievable
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