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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dag, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Dag


  2. This is even worse than the Kat DeLuna one.

    Poor Jessica, I really feel for this girl. The butt of all (unnecessary) jokes, what made her famous in the first place (vocal talent) completely gone...
  3. I have literally never seen anything like that. She looks demented.
  4. If only she could have given it a bit more oomph.
  5. I love Jessica but that was insane.
  6. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    A positive is her face is very expressive when she sings. That's good sometimes. I do not like what she is wearing at all though.

    I actually liked Irresistible and whatever song is the one where she was in the roller rink.

    Is she doing music still, like putting out an album? I hope she gets everything back on track, she seems nice.
  7. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Except, that's not really true, is it? She was never that famous for her singing, what made her immensely popular (in the States, at least) for those two or three years was allowing herself to be the butt of all jokes, she encouraged it!
  8. But what he means is that when she first appeared in 99/2000 with 'I Wanna Love You Forever' the reason people were paying attention was for her voice. The vocal delivery on that song and the live performances was spectacular and on the follow ups until 'In This Skin'. Since that album the way she sings has just gotten gradually worse - first with the baby voice and now with the absurd screaming.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Oh, I understand what he meant, but there's a flaw in the argument that Jessica Simpson was ever really famous for her singing, she was a has-been by her second album!
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Sweet Kisses
    I loved I Wanna Love You Forever and I Think I'm In Love (must have helped I was in love at the time).. the album was a dissapointment at the time, not enough catchy Britney-pop, Final Heartbreak's amazing though!!

    Once again: lóved the first two singles.. Actually, this whole album's very good, love the darkchildy uptempo's, and the ballad's are top notch as well.. The gospel-closer was unnecessary though..

    In This Skin
    There's some nice songs on it, but it never really made an impression on me.
    With You is nice.

    Public Affair
    The album's a bit of a mess, like she didn't know what sound she was going for.
    A Public Affair & I Belong To Me were pretty good singles though, and The Lover In Me is amazing! Pretty damn fine popalbum.

    She has the material, shame I just don't really care about her/her image..
  11. I like about 4 or 5 Jessica singles and I've got "A Public Affair" and "In This Skin". Neither impressed me - I only really got the former on the strength of what I thought was a rather good pop single at the time!

    The lyrics to "I Wana Love You Forever" annoy me so much. "And this is all I'm asking of you, ten thousand life times together, is that so much to ask for?" Well, yes, Jessica, it is!
  12. A Public Affair is a glorious mess, but I did like 'Fired Up' from that album....
  13. She never had any vocal talent to start with, she just had quite a powerful voice. It's not the same thing at all.
  14. Yeah that was very unflattering outfit.
    Her singing reminds me of a friend of mine's. She has the pipes but doesn't know how to use them. It always sounds so strained.

    Musically, my favorite Jessica Simpson songs are:
    A Public Affair
    Where You Are w/Nick
    Sweetest Sin
    With You
    You Don't Have To Let Go
  15. I completely forgot about 'With You'! I really liked that one!
  16. Mine are:
    Public Affair
    I Don't Want To Care (should have been a single)
    If You Were Mine (also should have been a single, but is probably too similar to 'Public Affair')
    With You
    Forbidden Fruit
    You Don't Have To Let Go
    I Never
    When You Told Me You Loved Me
    Final Heartbreak
    Where You Are
    Sweet Kisses

    I also love her cover of 'Take My Breath Away', I'm probably the only person that does though. Personally, I like Jessica as a pop star and as a person and I find I enjoy listening to her more than Christina but not as much as Britney, that's just me though.
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    You have other, non-musical favourites?
  18. I adored the original version of "Fired Up". Then for the album version they went and added all those unnecessary extra vocals to the chorus which turned a "very good" song to just "good".

    I still wish she had released it as a single, though.
  19. I always wanted a Jessica Simpson concert sooooo badly! It would be cool if she did another pop album!
  20. I usually hate her and her banshee wail but "A Public Affair" was such an unexpected surprise, and she has a few more OK songs tucked away. I bet every vocal coach in the world tear's their hair out whenever she sings though. Her affectations and tendency to turn herself into a foghorn are just ridiculous.

    "Do You Know" is actually an OK album for the most part.
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