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General K-Pop Rants/complaints/unpopular opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Don't like Minzy's new purple hair? Don't like the new SNSD song everyone is raving on about? Don't like a certain member of a group? Here is the place to voice your opinions!
  2. I'll start.

    I really don't like the direction that 2NE1 seems to be going in lately.. Didn't really like Bom's Don't Cry, I hated Lonely, Hate You was OK.. and well Ugly doesn't sound like my cup of tea at all from the snippit. That leaves I am the Best which I love, but that's 1 song out of 4! What gives, 2NE1? You're my K-pop bias! Experimenting is good but don't lose your old sound/style.
  3. Yoona and Sooyoung seem so useless to me. Let them go on hiatus and become models or something.
  4. I could quite easily cut Super Junior down to a decent 5 member group.
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  5. Yeah I agree. I like the new stuff and all, but they just don't excite me any more.
  6. I wouldn't have minded if Kara actually did disband...
  7. - SNSD are horrible and are horribly overrated.

    - HyunA is almost the least talented person vocal-wise in 4minute

    - Jewelry deserve more success and popularity.

    - Girl Groups >>> Boy Bands

    - I don't actively listen to any Korean Boy Bands.
  8. Seungri irks me.

    Me too. Although I must say I did like Pretty Girl and Honey. *Prepares to be flamed twice*
  9. Roly Poly is not good.
  10. Didn't you say you liked Roly Poly? I can't remember..
  11. There are too many music shows, I would be fine with just one or two at the most, in fact some of my favourite k-pop performances have been when they just have a band and a mic and really let go of the controlled perfection that music shows demand, for example G.Na:, and Taeyang just looking completely at home:, not to mention 2NE1's Lonely sessions

    I do like the performances on the main music shows but after 15 or so of exactly the same thing, it gets tiresome, more so for the idols themselves. (I know I know..competing TV companies and all).
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  12. I don't think so. I hate the video, the song is barely fine and what with everyone stanning I just don't get it.
  13. I don't mind it, but I really thought it'd grow on me more like their other singles but it never really did.

    I even enjoy YaYaYaYa more than Roly Poly.
  14. JiHyun > HyunA.
  15. I don't understand 4Minute or the love for them. I welcome their disbandment.
  16. - I don't like 2NE1's music at all (the exception being Fire) and 93% of the time they have horrible styling. I really was a fan in the beginning!
    - 2PM is amazing and has amazing music.
    - There's something about GD I don't like. I can't explain it!
    - I think the K-Pop boy groups as a whole are better than the girl groups.
    - I wish Stella joined SNSD as a 10th member.
  17. Hands Up is so overrated.
  18. Miss A Jia's face irritates me. I try to like her. I can't.
  19. I miss Big Bang's Hip Hop-ish days until Haru Haru. Lies and We Belong Together with not-yet-plastic Bom are classics to me.
  20. G-Dragon is an annoying little shit.
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