General K-Pop Rants/complaints/unpopular opinions



I'd like to see what will happen if Daesung gets replaced in Big Bang. The hate the new member will get will be phenomenal, then he turns out to be an amazingly talented guy and everybody will love him.
I'm really starting to think Boram is the one leaving T-ara, if anyone is leaving. People feel like Qri and Boram are not promoted as much and could get the boot, but people forget that in the recent era, Qri was the one that got the main role in the Lovey Dovey Drama Video. CCM wouldn't have just gone "Here Qri, you don't do anything so here is a lead role in a video". They wouldn't have done that without reason. Along with the fact she is being put out there a lot more, appearing at the front for both the beginning and ending of Cry Cry, also having a fair few amount of lines in the last few singles and mini's. Boram however, gets the least lines out of all the girls, doesn't really show herself well and is one of the girls to publicly speak about her feeling and health candidly to the fans, something I can't see CCM being too happy about. All the girls undoubtedly work hard, but it's obvious that some are putting in more of an effort with others.. a reason why CCM has been giving other girls more of a shine.


Lizzy always has this disinterested look while doing UEE's lines in their recent performances of Because Of You. Give it to E-Young instead! She could do the parts better.

I can't see Qri leaving T-ara. I think she's smart enough to know that it's the only thing she has going on right now. I have this impression that even if she doesn't have much singing talent, she is a girl with massive perseverance and great work ethic. That's why she gets a lot of major parts in their songs may it be singing verses or center time in the routines.


We should get a male T-ara and call them T-aro. Of course, they shall be overworked too.
Unpopular K-Opinions

I really enjoy this thread in the Lists & Charts subforum, so I thought we could use a version of our own. To briefly start:

- Off Younha's new album, I like The Real Reason We Broke Up and Sea Child (whose final notes and ending are amazing) better than Firework.
- BAP's best single after their debut is Hajima.
- Hurricane Venus is a terrible, terrible song whose composer had a strange fetish for dotted eighth notes.
- Jay Park is attractive, face and all.
- SNSD have been shit for quite some time now.
- I... don't get After School (DON'T HIT ME). They're very pretty, though.
- Bubble Pop is precisely 14 times as good as you think it is.
I wouldn't know about Korea, but I'm completely confused by how they're one of kpopjustice's favourite bands when their output is just average..
I cannot wait for Dani to join T-ara. I know people have been dreading her but I'm really looking forward to it strangely.
I know most threads here fade into oblivion because 90% of our discussions just take place in the main thread anyway, but I think this is one that could work on its own. The title is self explanatory (and you know it from Mvnl's original thread I'm copying) but I'll give examples anyway: Do you think VIXX should stick to cutesy concepts? Talk about that here! Do you think Someone Like U is Dal Shabet's worst song? Tell us here! Do you think SHINee sucks? Delete your account!

I'll start: Sticky Sticky doesn't deserved to be dismissed as one of the lesser Miniskirt clones, it's one of both Brave Bros and Hello Venus' best bops.