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General K-Pop Rants/complaints/unpopular opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I can help you with this, unnie!

    Recent examples:

  2. And since I'm here, soft boy groups >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cringe as fuck 'hard' boy groups.

    I'm not sorry.
  3. [cries]
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  4. Y'all are missing the summer night anthem of the year.

    Priceless. One of their best ever.
  5. We get it, you stan NCT Dream.

    nñn just kidding sis I 100% agree with you.
  6. We love a versatile group!

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  7. The tea is piping hot.

    Unnie your infant idols made a better song with Go than they did with anything else and that's the tea.

    Spread the good word sis!

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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Maybe if Go included dancing on hoverboards, we won't have to argue.

    Sadly, only Chewing Gum has hoverboard dancing automatically making it the best NCT Dream single.

    Let's celebrate it again by watching the music video.

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  10. Chewing Gum >>> We Young >>>>>>> My First And Last >>>>>>>>>>> @Slice of Life singing an acoustic rendition of Chewing Gum >>>>> a MOMOLAND MR video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ori's debut stage > Go
  11. NCT127 songs > NCTU songs > Baby Don't Stop > Ten songs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  12. [​IMG]


  13. OK, but haters are neither hot, young, nor fun. This song is a hymn. My BFF recently said that Dream is the only NCT unit without a great song and I nearly screamed.
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  14. we been knew
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  15. The truth tea is scalding.

  16. Too bad they gave her the worst song.
  17. CLC >>>>>>>>>>> Girdle
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  18. I’m too happy about my faves’ success to respond to this. I hope you get to experience the same thing with CLC before they disband xxx
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  19. [​IMG]

    Sis they'll probably disband by the end of next year now that they have successful hoobaes.
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  20. That's water mate.
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