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General K-Pop Rants/complaints/unpopular opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Am I the only one that hates Stage Mixes on YouTube?
    I don't even know why; I just hate them.
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  2. I really don't care for Blackpink anymore. They were fine for a getaway to k-pop but seriously almost all of other gg's do it better than them.

    And yeah their last mini was so disappointing.
  3. I feel the same way but I thought that I would be pilloried for saying so.
  4. Spark is in my bottom 3 of Purpose. It's a good song but it lacks the emotion that I go to Taeyeon's discography for. Find Me, Wine, Gravity, 4 Seasons, Blue >>>>>>>>>
  5. Maybe it is because i knew them from Queendom, but i think i prefer AOA as 5. I'm so pumped for their comeback. They look so glad to be out there and it is so obvious that they are professionals. K-pop scene needs more groups like AOA.

    That Egotistic cover and Miniskirt performance along with witnessing the banter and friendship of five made me into a stan. And Chanmi can step on my neck.
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  6. I'm here with another hot take.

    After Kim Lip, Choerry is the most well rounded member.
    And the dance line should be LOONA's priority, Chuu and Jinsoul im sorry girlz.
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  7. One day Chuu, Jinsoul and Haseul will record a OST ballad (with outstanding vocals) that will go viral in Korea, and chart for months on MelOn/Gaon, give them recognition, magazines covers and CFs strictly to them - while ya'll Dance-Line akgaes will have to watch them cover BTS songs on Inkigayo! Sad!


    love ya xx
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. He


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  10. 2019 has been the year of boy groups. Twice have obviously killed it but Seventeen and Stray Kids are what I keep returning to.
  11. This is more of a confession than anything else, but I genuinely cannot remember Blackpink's last comeback. I know it was in the middle of the year, but I cannot think of anything else about it.
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  12. I think Full Moon and Heroine are Sunmi’s best singles ddd (Add Noir to round up top three)
  13. I adore Heroine. It's such a stirring, emotional and epic 3 minutes of Pop.

    Cheryl can kick rocks, it's Sunmi's now.
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  14. I still have no idea who Cheryl is and what her songs is supposed to sound like. And i don't want to find out.
  15. I honestly will never understand k-pop acts announcing European shows and then ... disappearing off the planet with no prices or a "this is when tickets go on sale" tweet.
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  16. I'm exhausted of this trend of girl groups debuting with the same concept, absolutely faceless beyond the whole ~girl crush wearing dark clothes and a harness with a song with a terrible drop.

    It's almost like they are giving girl groups the same treatment boy groups get but with less chance of them actually selling anything.
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  17. Can I like this post three times? I don't really get the point of all these nugu girl groups emerging like mushrooms when they have absolutely nothing new to bring to the table.
  18. On a less serious note, scream at @Empty Shoebox also liking this. Sis, don't you stan every single rookie group?
  19. Not MUSHROOMS!!
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  20. They are all so redundant? The only groups I can recall that have debuted in the last year with a different concept from that were like... Itzy and Cherry Bullet? It's honestly boy groups debuting with the same concept all over again.
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