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General K-Pop Rants/complaints/unpopular opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. cute/innocent concepts > "mature" concepts, which often borrow from hip hop music/fashion resulting in awkward and corny imitations (you gon finna catch me, the baddest female, etc)
  2. I never get reaction videos. Like what is the point of watching someone saying "oooooooooooh yeeaaaaaaaaah, woooooooow" over every random thing.

    I know there are a handful good channels like "Musicians react to..." that actually have something to say though.
  3. Why did you jump ship then sis?
    “Musicians react to” is the only one I can stomach, even though the reactors are getting more and more annoying. Dramatic Queen is funny in small doses, I guess.
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  4. I like a queer (i guess) Korean producers channel that consists of him reacting to k-pop singles as he can give interesting bits and professional opinions but otherwise i agree. React videos are the worst type of entertainment and i hate FBE with a passion.
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  5. I thought this was just a running joke ddd. Sunny Summer was a lame title track, though.
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  6. I hate when you listen to k-pop songs that you thought were the best possible examples of pop back in 2010, and you listen to them again now and ... you come to the sad realisation your favourite songs sound really dated and that k-pop is 100x better now. Cough Kara cough.
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  7. I actually think KARA's music has aged the best, because they never really chased trends. I'm gonna get dragged, but 2NE1's music has aged the worst to me, by far.
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  8. YG's music in general has aged really bad and even now their music (BlackPink and iKon's material for example) has none of the freshness that other K-Pop acts' music has.
  9. KARA were also amazing performers. So ridiculously charismatic and sharp. They just gleamed.
    They left it all on the stage when they performed. I miss them more than anyone not named f(x). And I miss them more and more all the time.

    You could probably say the same about 2NE1, I guess. But I hope people don't forget KARA.
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  10. Agreed about 2NE1.

    As for Kara ... I was listening to them again earlier and their songs didn't really good as good as they used to, to my ears. "Jumping" was once my favourite ever k-pop song, but when I listened to it today I could only shrug and think, meh. I do still love them for what they've done, though, don't get me wrong. They're still one of my most played k-pop acts so it's not like I hate them!
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  11. I get that. I still need to stop everything just to hear Step, but I don't listen to them that much anymore. They have a loud, in-your-face, kitchen sink, huge kind of eurodisco sound that isn't very contemporary these days.

    But I still absolutely love to watch them perform, especially their concerts in Japan. They just 'got' it. I think younger groups should all watch them and SNSD to see how it's done.
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  12. Remember Me >>>> Windy Day
  13. For a country that's as technologically literate as Republic of Korea, a lot of their websites rely on the most outdated shit.

    Why do they all need Adobe Flash to run? And even then they still don't work properly.

    They have the shitest websites, I swear to God.
  15. As much as I love Hate by 4minute, that first 20 - 50 seconds or so sounds like it'll lead into a much better emotional bop of epic proportions, so the dubstep and sirens only serve to detract from that. I wish the intro was part of it's own song so I could love both equally.
  16. Same. I actually hate that some of new groups just do it for the sake of doing it. I personally think a unit should be made when they can offer something new and fresh from the original group's material. Something like Orange Caramel or TTS.

    But honestly what was the point of Pristin V and Ogugu? I'm not denying their quality, they both released good material but they weren't very well thoughtout units if you ask me. It seemed like they had a song on their hand and just put a few of the girls together to do it.
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  17. He


    Orange Caramel is amazing, but I guess it's not the norm.

    Sub-units seem like a quick cash-in for companies, or just to keep some profitable members in the spotlight. I think in the case of Pristin and Gugudan, either they were having big drama in their ranks (the former) or some key members weren't available (the latter).
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  18. I assumed Pristin V was a group of the older members (and I could be wrong) who did a more mature pair of songs with a smaller choreo set. Their Spotlight video was gorgeous, and almost exactly how Red Velvet does Automatic in concert. Which I love... I think Pristin V works really well as a unit actually, and I hope they continue.

    When you have a huge group with a broad range of ages and personalities, subunits can be an excellent way to capitalize on some of the artistic ideas that may be out of a group's concept. This may be sacrilege, but I like OEC almost better than the entire LOONA assemble - even though I love all the members individually, especially yves and Heejin. I would love to see more from yyxy, too. With Yeojin, though. C'mon, BBC.

    Full disclosure though, speaking as an fan of OC, OEC, f(Amber+Luna), and I actually love Twinkle.
  19. I always prefered Orange Caramel to their original group. Both are amazing, but Orange Caramel had that weird uniqueness that I love.
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  20. More like a random thought than an unpopular one but Save Me Save You's choreography is the best of this year for me. I've watched all of its performances and enjoy it more each time.
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