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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. CL WHO?

  2. The Alice Vicious EP goes off!
  3. The adlibs at the end of Monster go the fuck off, so heavenly.
  4. So I've been thinking of updating the OP with a beginner's guide/index of artists like the K-pop Directory thread, and this is what I got so far:

    Alice Vicious (formerly Livii): C'mon | Luna | Selfish Things | Golden Blood | Feel Better | Be My Clyde
    Aseul (아슬): Loveless | Fisher | Always With You | Sandcastles
    Ashmute (애쉬뮤트): Dive | Heaven | Scenery | Ghost
    Azin (아진): Delete | I Still | My Record | It's Yours
    Cherry Coke: Like I Do | Don't Kill My Vibe | Iloveyourcheek
    Clazziquai Project :
    djfriz: Resist (feat. mrshll)
    Eyedi (아이디): Sign | 외롭지 않아 | Type | Luv Highway
    Heize (헤이즈): You, Clouds, Rain | Star | Don't Know You | Sorry | Jenga
    Hoody (후디): Baby oh baby | Like You | By Your Side | Hangang | Golden | Why
    Glen Check:
    mrshll (마샬): Pose
    Nieah (니아): Why | No Rush | Tell Me Why | No Rush | Alright | Cactus Flower | Somebody to Love | Baby I
    Neon Bunny (야광토끼): It's You | Romance in Seoul | Forest of Skyscrapers | Room 314 | Now
    Puer Kim (퓨어킴): Manyo Maash | Bank | Pearls
    SAAY: Circle | Sweaty | Cold View | Encore
    Satbyeol (샛별): Do Me | Woo Baby | By Your Side
    Suran (수란): Calling in Love | Paradise Go | Winter Bird | Wine | 1+1=0 | Love Story
    Oohyo (우효): Pizza | Honey Tea
    Xin Seha (신세하): 맞닿음 | 내일이 매일 | Timeline | Tell Her | 7F | Balcony | Yu
    Yeseo (예서): Let It All Go | Silhouette | Privacy | Bitches Rule

    Obviously not even close to complete, but I'm working on it. I hope y'all (@Ceir) can help add to this! Waiting for suggestions xx
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  5. Let me finish packing for NYC and I'll PM you a list, dear.
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  6. You have to have "Sweety". Everything after 2:44, and after 3:30 in particular, takes me places... god...

    Here are a couple of my other faves:

    Great video, love the rhythm guitars...


    (I think the second woman might actually be Christina Chu, Alex's sister and one of their founders.)

    I love them. There are obviously way more, but that's a good cross-section of what they do.
  7. Currently obsessed with her and her music after someone posted this on the NMF thread,

    The whole album is just so so good.
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  8. This album is currently scalping me.
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  9. This is ld but I'm bopping as a Lil Kid Millionster.

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  10. Dump incoming


  11. Oh


    she's playing down the street from my old apartment in Allston Brighton but it's sold out.

    Fuck fuck fuck.
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  12. I am hiding this here.
    I love Sulli. I love Rad Museum. You know the rest.
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  13. I'm catching up but...

    I always have time for Gray.

    He produces ATEEZ's music.

    BoA for some reason hopped on this and it's kinda good?

    The good sis from AKMU hopped on this and it's actually really great?
  14. This is hitting the spot right now.

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  15. I haven’t noticed Park Hye Jin posted yet but I’m hardly on this forum so who knows. She’s from Seoul and is a dj, producer rapper, etc. If you like Yaeji, you’ll probably like her. A friend put me on to her and her music goes off.
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