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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. I didn’t realise Nieah was getting videos! Werk!
  2. Eyedi's coming back with a hazy new wave bop.

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  3. She always looks like The Nation's Little Sister's little sister.

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  4. & New - Eyedi

    A perfect 80s bop for those lazy summer days.
  5. I need to delve into the rest of her discography because I just love everything I have heard from her thus far.
  6. This is probably my favorite Eyedi song.

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  7. This 80s teenage melancholia bop managed to become my most streamed song on spotify in a matter of 2 months kiii.
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  8. Oh sweet mother of god:

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  9. I'm late as hell but king of vocals!

    Also -

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  10. This is fucking amazing by the way
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  11. He


    Still bopping to this great album!
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  12. This reminds me of Yaeji's stuff a lot.
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  13. She‘s back!
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  14. This is cute, and the artwork is gorgeous:

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  15. This is just magnificent.

  16. I will never understand the ambivalence toward DEAN in the K of PJ.

    This is BRILLIANT.
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  18. God, yes. This is AMAZING.
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  19. Thinking about this tragically beautiful gem tonight:

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