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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. I downloaded almost everything posted in this thread and made a playlist. oh my god, fucking slаy a bit!!

    I've also listened to more of Xin Seha's stuff (I posted him above, his MVs are gay gay GAY so don't sleep on him!), and his album 24Town is more experimental than I expected. I wouldn't say it's a particularly easy listen, but a rewarding experience on repeated plays. His newest mini 7F, The Void is more accessible but still great so I say start with that if you want to get into him. The heavy production and his softer vocals sound heavenly together.

    And now we know who SM ripped off with their album covers last year, ha
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  2. It feels a bit wrong that we're on the second page and nobody posted Neon Bunny yet, even though most of us are familiar with her, so here we go:

    S L A Y

  3. Scream.

    True Kween of Pop though.
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  4. The acoustic version of Eyedi's new single is also gorgeous.

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  5. Okay. But I've listened to nothing but Miso for the last 24 hours and why isn't she getting noticed more?
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  6. Let's not forget the incredible Azin. I lit troll her Insta begging for new music.

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  7. Some discoveries

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  8. I randomly found him on Youtube and his soundcloud has me enamored.
    Dear god.
  9. Whatever happened to Satbyeol? She needs to come back!

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  10. This was in the suggested videos. Seems she's only got this one track, but it's damn good. There's this one creepy user that's left a load of messages on the video. Full on sasaeng too!
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  11. "Woo Baby" is my JAM!
  12. One of my favorite discoveries from the 2013 rate:

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  13. OK this song is amazing. I thought I was smitten and then the electric guitar solo came in and my head exploded. Also, the guy in the comments has me SCREAMING! Poetry!
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  14. Me, too. Somebody please scrape my head off the floor please. Clean up on aisle 4!

    Love this thread....
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  15. This is my current favorite... still.....
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  16. I'm trying to get into more Taewan, since I only knew Problem but really liked that. This one's pretty good:

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  17. They've been posted in the main thread, but just so that nobody forgets about them:

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  18. Someone new for this thread. I'm in love.
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  19. This song is like a 3 and half minute morphine drip....
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