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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Did she drop the whole Christian Jewel wannabe vibe?
  2. That was an album track from her debut, so I don't think so. She hasn't done much since then.

  3. I'm clearly on an RnB kick, but yeah. He's good, too.
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  4. I'm not gonna spam y'all with every artist I find, but the We Love Kpop youtube channel is amazing and has links to the artist's pages in their video descriptions. It's how I've found almost everything I've been listening to the past 2 or 3 weeks...
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  5. She's so great.
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  6. Please do!

    edit: damn this is great
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  7. I think all of you must have heard about Primary, but his album 2 has been in constant rotation for the past month or so. It's just so great. His choices of feature are excellent.
  8. I can safely say Suran's new single made my top 10 for the month.
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  9. Track 3, is an amazing medley. All the songs covered blended together so well!
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  10. This EP is such a trip. Found it through the Neon Bunny feature* and it's a really strong effort overall. It's mostly a producer showcase, but I recommend it:

    *edit: wait they got another collab and it's even better??

    I need a moment.
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  11. I'm over here going along with this like my spirit is communicating with a higher power. Then, I realize I'm at work and need to chill out.
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    Why am I living for a damn indie pop channel on Youtube and ignoring my mainstream favorites like they're red-headed step children?
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  15. Dean x Miso concert on Wednesday and I just realized...

  16. Alice Vicious uploaded a bunch of new music to her Youtube channel.

  17. REPORT:

    SAAY only performed 3 songs, one of which was her major label debut due out next month. RNB QUEEN. Girl had better abs than Kahi and was jamming around the stage.

    OffonOff came out and performed, girls screamed like they were harpies, it was his birthday today and Dean smashed a cake in his face.

    MISO-FUCKIN-KIM live-mixed her own set while singing through the whole thing. She only stopped to come to the front of the stage and perform Take Me, which she actually cried during.

    I swear when Dean came out it was like fucking mating season, y'all. Girl's were screaming "fuck me", "marry me", "you're gorgeous". I thought I was gonna die. Oh, he performed all the hits and while I was secretly hoping he and Miso would perform Come Over it didn't happen.

    EDIT: I have a bunch of snapchat videos and two or three longer ones that I might put up this weekend. When I finally have time...
  18. What did you scream to him though?

    I'm so jealous.
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  19. Nothing groundbreaking but I'm down for anyone that uses atypical instruments in pop & serves up something lovely for those down-tempo moments:

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  20. I didn't even try!

    It was so loud already!

    Also, these girls were yelling at Miso, telling her she was gorgeous and she was tearing up. It was so sweet
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