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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

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  2. This is gorgeous.

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  3. I need help.
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  4. Azin has a new single out. It's called 'I Still' and it's the same style of gorgeous euphoric chill pop as her last EP.
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  5. Yaaaaas. I just love everything about her music and visuals. I feel like Luna is still the song for her to top though.
  6. Ha! I was just logging in to post this. Very, very good. My god, who's that rapper. He crushes it.
  7. More under-the-radar blissed out coffeehouse fare (quite literally based on the title):

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  8. Have we talked about LEEBADA yet?

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  10. Openly gay artist Flash Flood Darlings with this smooth JAM

    this is also amazing:
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  11. Why am I only discovering this song almost a year later?!

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  12. Flash Flood Darlings has a new song out!
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  13. The whole album is great. Is she even "Indie" anymore?
  14. Not sure if he counts as indie anymore, but Sik-k released his first project with Jay Park's label. Some k-rap can be......misguided, but this is more sad rap than anything, which I'm a sucker for.

    This is also still great from his previous project:
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  15. He


    Hasn't this been in the Melon top 5 for ages? I will give it a try.

    What are the releases you guys would consider key so far this year? I want to start getting into "alternative" acts, since I have been obsessed with Oohyo's Pizza for a while.
  16. Miso - Take Me
    Saay - Vlack and Vlue
    Blanco Catty - Time Machine

    Uhhhh, I'll have to look at my playlist when I get home this evening. Also, most of my list is going to be RnB based.
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