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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Her facebook
    Apparently the EP is on itunes?!
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  2. I saw this on your Insta story, had a listen and it's super lush. The K-idol gang wish they had trop-bops as effortless as 'Lovers'.
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  3. I know I posted about Offonoff before, but he just released a full album
    the title track:

    EDIT: Okay Cigarette is my favorite track and features Miso. This album is the most perfect thing released, for me, this summer.
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  4. Saay's major label debut

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  5. Why y'all still sleeping on Azin?

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  6. Primary just gets it.
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  7. So, after that remix of Dean's Here and Now, I decided to delve into Deepshower's original productions...

    And I wasn't sorry I did.

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  8. Okay, but can we get Night Flower on the August charts? Because, damn.
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  9. Let's try.
    I've been loving Primary since Mamamoo covered "See Through" at a radio station gig. That's how I actually got into KRNB, oddly enough, tracking down their covers' original versions.
    (They sang all covers that day instead of their own songs, including Stooshe. Making me love them even more. Sigh.)
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  10. Self-produced, self-composed, Annie style breathy vocals.....
    EDIT: She's also on Apple Music and Spotify.

    I need to stop flooding this thread...
  11. Okay not only is this flawless (I've got it on now & there are some strong Korean FKA Twigs vibes) but the fact it's there on Spotify means I can play it ad nauseum whenever wherever. Y*seo indeed.
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  12. I think Rude is my favorite song.
    At least it's stopped me from going back to the Deepshower remix of Here and Now...
  13. Legit though ... all her stuff is pretty fantastic! I really love this track:

  14. Again, not sure if she's classed as K-Indie/rnb/rock (considering she was quite big a few years back) but this was nice:
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  15. While I'm dropping links to discoveries throughout the subforum..

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  16. That end guitar solo + the mid 00's Usher-esque slow jam vibes are doing it for me in a big way right about now.
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  17. New Alice Vicious single!

  18. Have we talked about Paul Kim?

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