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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Well I'm not sure if 4Minute's Jiyoon's new single is indie or not but let me participate in this thread.

    and a live version:

  2. I'm now 387% Rick Bridges.

    Y'all can have Dean.

    He comes in at like 2:09.

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  3. Sik-K has a new EP out and it's really, REALLY good.

  4. Fuck me this is good.
    He's put out a bunch of stuff in the last month.


  5. This is so good.
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  6. I'm literally breathless.

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  7. YALL
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  8. oh fuck.
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  9. BTW, this just dropped:

    Yeah, just what you thought it would be and I love them for that.
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  10. I know at least two of you will possibly enjoy this mini-album.
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  11. It had me at the "Beware: Extreme Banger" sticker.

    EDIT: Wow. It still has me. It's Eekalipso.
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  12. I think I passed by millic's project when looking up latest releases for one of the monthly rates.

    I love the production, but Sik-k remains my favorite rapper from Jay Park's whole imprint / company thing.
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  13. H1GHGRND is actually Tablo's company he started.
    He has Millic, Sik-k, Offonoff, Hyukoh, and The Black Skirts signed to his label...that I know of.

    AOMG is Jay Park's
  14. Whoops.

    It always seems like Jay Park's for some reason.
    They all seem interconnected to one another.
  15. @Sanctuary to make things more complicated...
    HIGHGRND is Tablo's company right?

    H1GHR MUSIC is apparently the "global" company created by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone...
    With acts like G.Soul signed to them....

    The companies are unrelated though. Ugh.

    G.Soul released an album last month
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  16. Tablo's in charge of it but it's an "independent" YG subsidiary. Great lineup, I have to say.
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  17. Dddd I knew I saw "HIGH" somewhere.

    Iffy is uploaded to HIGHR MUSIC's youtube:
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